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Te Puna Interloan

Te Puna Interloan helps you create, monitor and respond to interloan requests from New Zealand, Australian libraries and international libraries. Over 90 % of New Zealand libraries use Te Puna Interloan.

Become a member of the New Zealand Interloan Scheme

To interloan within New Zealand a library must first be a member of the New Zealand Interloan Scheme. LIANZA, in conjunction with the National Library, manages the New Zealand Interloan Scheme.

Get interloan resources from the LIANZA website

Te Puna Interloan tools

Te Puna members use two tools to create, monitor and respond to interloan requests, as part of their Te Puna membership.

Tipasa, the premium version of WorldShare ILL is also available to Te Puna members at an additional cost.

Contact for information about any of these tools.

Training in the use of Te Puna Interloan

Download our training guides.

Contact if you have question about how to use the Te Puna Interloan tools.

Interloan Billing Service (IBS)

The Interloan Billing Service (IBS) is a centralised billing system that supports charging for national (IBS) and trans Tasman (IIBS) interloans for Te Puna Interloan members. (note that international requests are billed through OCLC's IFM service).

 All payment is by direct debit/direct credit. IBS is managed by the Finance Department of the Department of Internal Affairs with Inland Revenue providing financial transaction processing and services for the Department.

Need more information? Download the frequently asked questions (pdf, 47KB) or email

IBS corrections form

The following form can be used by lending libraries to reverse out charges that have previously been made in error. Completed forms should be emailed to before the end of the month.

Download the IBS Corrections form (xls, 40KB)

Non–IBS users

Some Te Puna Interloan members are not yet IBS users. Lending libraries will need to raise a separate invoice for transactions with non-IBS libraries.

Download a list of libraries that are currently not IBS members (pdf, 100KB)

Directory of New Zealand Libraries

The Directory of New Zealand Libraries facilitates interloan by providing contact and other information about every library in New Zealand. Te Puna members can send in an online request to update their library details.

The Directory of New Zealand Libraries

Library symbols

Each Te Puna Interloan library is assigned a unique symbol to identify them when borrowing or lending. These symbols also come in handy for setting up reciprocal lending, where two or more libraries agree not to charge one another for interloans.

Te Puna interloan libraries and their symbols (xlsx, 40KB)

Document locating and international interloans

Get in touch if you need to verify the existence or location of books, articles, printed music, serials, or any other items that you are unable to find by emailing This is a free service.


Libraries can make interlibrary loaning easier by deeplinking into their catalogues from WorldCat. Deeplinking makes collections more visible, and provides the user with more information, including whether the item is currently available.

If you would like to be deeplinked please email