Troubleshooting EPIC resources

Information to help you if you are having technical trouble with your EPIC resources. Here are some of the most common issues and some things you can try to fix them.

Lost access to an EPIC resource

The most common reason that libraries lose access to an EPIC resource is that there have been changes to your network internet protocol (IP).

Changes to your network IP range or ranges must be registered with each vendor to ensure seamless in-library access.

Some EPIC vendors let you update your IP ranges through their administration portals, for example, EBSCO, Gale Cengage, and ProQuest.

Otherwise, email the vendor technical support contacts with your updated IP ranges.

EPIC vendors

Lost access to all your EPIC resources

If you have lost access to all the EPIC resources in your collection, it is probably a network or authentication issue.

Talk with your local IT support first to see if any recent changes have disrupted access.

Can't see resources from a specific vendor

If you can't see resources from a specific vendor check the following:

  • Is the issue happening both in-house and via remote access?
  • Is an exception notice or fault message coming up?

Once you have narrowed the issue down write-up a detailed description of the problem. Including things like:

  • A list of the affected resources.
  • A description of what is happening.
  • Any troubleshooting that you have already tried.
  • The form of access or authentication you are using.
  • The access URL you are using, and the URL of the page you are accessing the resource from.
  • If possible, a screenshot of the issue and/or any exception notices or fault messages.

Send all of this information, as well as anything else you think is relevant, to the vendor’s technical support contact.

EPIC vendors