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Use the power search tools on this page to do one search across multiple EPIC resources.

EPIC Discovery

Use EPIC Discovery to search across multiple EPIC resources in a single search.

Use EPIC Discovery publication search to find books, magazines, journals, or newspapers in the EPIC resources.

Power search tools for Gale Cengage, EBSCO resources

Use the power search tools below to search Gale Cengage, EBSCO Explora, EBSCOHost and Gale Cengage literature resources.

EPIC power search tools

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Terms and conditions for schools using EPIC

The EPIC resources available through the Ministry of Education funded subscription on behalf of New Zealand schools are the intellectual property of The Department of Internal Affairs (acting through the National Library of New Zealand) and its licensors.

The EPIC resources are provided to schools accessing this site (including their students, employees, and staff) strictly for personal use or educational purposes in connection with the educational activities of the school.

The Ministry of Education, The Department of Internal Affairs, and its licensors are not responsible to schools for the content, format, accuracy, or availability of the EPIC resources through this site.