EPIC for New Zealand schools.

Accessing EPIC resources

You don't need a login for EPIC resources if your school is part of the Network for Learning (N4L) managed network and you are using the resources within your school network. You need a login if you are not part of N4L or are outside the school network.

Access EPIC when your school is part of the Network for Learning

If your school is part of the Network for Learning (N4L) managed network, you can use EPIC resources from within the school network without a login. Just click on the link of the resource you are interested in or start your search in the EPIC Discovery search box.

EPIC resources for schools
How to access EPIC for New Zealand schools - Niche Academy tutorial
Network for Learning (N4L)

Troubleshoot accessing EPIC school resources

Use our troubleshooting information if you are having trouble accessing EPIC school resources.

Troubleshooting EPIC in your school

When you need a login for EPIC access

If your school is not part of the Network for Learning (N4L) managed network or you are outside your school network you will need your EPIC school login details to use EPIC.

Every New Zealand school is assigned an EPIC school login which can be used by all staff and students from the school to access the EPIC resources from any web enabled device.

If you need a login you will be prompted for it when you click on an EPIC resource link.

For EPIC login queries, email EPIC from your New Zealand school email account.

Email EPIC — epic@epic.org.nz

Keep the school's EPIC login confidential

Your EPIC school login can be shared with all staff and students from your school, however, to comply with the terms and conditions for schools using EPIC, you must keep the school's username and password confidential to your school community.

Do not publish the username and password in any publicly available format.

This includes any openly accessible website.

Terms and conditions for schools using EPIC

In subscribing to the EPIC resources on behalf of New Zealand schools, the Ministry of Education have agreed to terms and conditions of use.

These terms and conditions limit access of the EPIC resources to staff and students of registered New Zealand schools.

Access is strictly for personal use or educational purposes in connection with the educational activities of the school.

Home schoolers

The EPIC resources made available to schools thanks to the Ministry of Education's subscription are not licensed for parents or caregivers who educate their children at home.

If you are home schooling you may be able to access similar resources, to those available through EPIC, at your local public library.