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Troubleshooting EPIC in your school

Access to the EPIC school resources not working? Here are some suggestions for troubleshooting access issues.

Why can't I access the EPIC resources?

Below you'll find some of the common things that have tripped people up when they are trying to access EPIC resources available through their school.

We've suggested things you can try to help you get access.

If none of these things work contact EPIC. Don't contact the EPIC vendor.
Email EPIC — epic@dia.govt.nz

If you're in your school you probably don't need a login

You used to need a login for EPIC resources that your school had access to. The method to access the EPIC resources changed in 2015-2016.

Now you only need a login if you are not part of the Network for Learning or outside your school network. If you need a login you will be prompted for it when you click on an EPIC resource link.

Accessing EPIC resources

Outside your school network and login not working

If you are accessing EPIC resources outside your school network you need a login. If the login isn't working check that you are using the right login for your school.

For EPIC login questions email EPIC — epic@dia.govt.nz.

Getting a timeout message?

In some cases, the school's firewall software can block access to the EPIC authentication mechanism EZproxy.

If this is the case, a timeout message will appear asking you to check the proxy and firewall.

To stop this from happening, there are two options, either:

  • get your school IT person to create an exception to the 'proxy.website' filter in the firewall, or
  • contact the firewall vendor to ask for an application signature for EZproxy so that they can create a specific exception to this in the firewall.

Nothing's working — document what's happening and contact EPIC

If none of the suggestions on this page resolves the issue of accessing the EPIC resources, document what is happening and email EPIC. Information that will help us includes:

  • The EPIC resource/s you are trying to access.
  • Are you at school or home when you are trying to access the EPIC resources?
  • Are you linking to resources from your own website, the National Library website or somewhere else?
  • Any exception/fault messages that you see?
  • What happens when you click on a link? Include screenshots if you can.

Email EPIC — epic@dia.govt.nz.