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Interloan billing

Te Puna members can use our integrated billing services to process payments for interloans between New Zealand and international libraries.

Interloan billing services

Te Puna Interloan members can use our integrated billing services to process interloan payments between New Zealand and international libraries. This simplifies transactions, saving time, effort and resources.

By using these services:

  • lenders save on the cost of raising an invoice - the billing services handle this automatically
  • New Zealand and Australian transactions are processed seamlessly through direct credit/debit
  • you avoid higher interloan charges from libraries recovering the cost of invoicing you.

Billing services explained

There are different services for interloan billing depending on who you are interloaning with.

Interloans Billing system Billing type Managed by
Between NZ libraries (using WorldShare ILL) Interloan Billing Service (IBS) Direct debit/credit; e-mailed monthly Te Puna
Between NZ and Australian libraries (using VDX) International Interloan Billing Service (IIBS) Direct debit/credit; e-mailed every two months Te Puna
International loans (using WorldShare ILL) Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM) Direct credit for lenders; invoices for borrowers to pay directly to OCLC OCLC)

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How do I start and how much does it cost?

Find how to start using the different interloan billing services and how much it will cost.

Interloan Billing Service and International Interloan Billing Service

Contact the Te Puna Services team to discuss next steps if you would like to start using the Interloan Billing Service (IBS) or International Interloan Billing Service (IIBS)

Email Te Puna —

International Loan Fee Management

Anytime you supply or request an international interloan in WorldShare ILL and:

  • tick the International Loan Fee Management (IFM) box
  • select USD for the currency.

IFM will be used to process the transaction.

The first time you complete an international request using IFM, OCLC will contact your library either to:

  • set up your account to pay a credit into, if you were the lender
  • send an invoice if you were the borrower

Administration costs

Costs for IBS/IIBS are:

  • transaction costs — .80c for the borrowing library
  • manual corrections for IBS — .99c per transaction.

Costs for IFM are as follows:

  • there are no direct admin costs for using IFM, but
  • your bank may charge a fee for international money transfers.


There are different ways to ask for a correction depending on who you are interloaning with.

Corrections for interloans between New Zealand libraries

Need a correction for an interloan for with another New Zealand library?

If you are the lender fill in the Interloan Billing Service Correction sheet and send to us.

If you are a borrower contact the lending library to arrange a credit. The lending library will then fill in the corrections sheet.

Interloan Billing Service Correction sheet (xls, 40KB)

Email Te Puna —

Corrections for interloans between New Zealand and Australian libraries

Corrections or refunds for interloans between NZ and Australian libraries cannot be processed through International Interloan Billing Service (IIBS). You will need to contact the library directly.

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Corrections for international loans

Lenders can issue refunds for Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM) transactions that were made in error.

If you are a borrower and have been charged by accident, you can send an email to the lender to ask them to refund the charge.

There is more information about issuing an IFM refund on the OCLC website.

Interloans with NZ libraries not using the Interloan Billing Service (IBS)

Some Te Puna Interloan members do not use IBS.

Lending libraries will need to raise their own invoice for transactions with these libraries.

List of Te Puna interloan members not using centralised billing (pdf, 100KB)

Some libraries choose to charge higher fees to non-IBS users to recover the additional administrative costs.

Who is responsible for the billing services?

IBS and IIBS, are managed by the Finance Department of the Department of Internal Affairs with Inland Revenue providing financial transaction processing and services for the Department. All payment is by direct debit or direct credit.

Billing for international interloans is handled by OCLC’s IFM service. International interloans are defined as transactions with libraries outside of New Zealand and Australia.

IFM operates direct credits but not direct debits. So, in a typical transaction, the lending library receives a direct credit and the borrowing library is invoiced.

Need help?

For further help with interloan billing and other Te Puna services email us

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OCLC support

Help resources are also available for WorldShare on the OCLC support pages.
OCLC support

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