Card catalogue showing the drawers for stu to swal and voi to walk.

Te Puna Cataloguing

Te Puna members can use a variety of cataloguing interfaces and tools to access the latest bibliographic and holdings records, held in New Zealand and internationally, for your own catalogues.

WorldShare Metadata Services

Te Puna member libraries have access to an instance of WorldShare Metadata Services, which contains the following OCLC cataloguing tools:

  • Record Manager for record by record cataloguing
  • Collection Manager for managing e-resources and bulk cataloguing processes

Te Puna cataloguing tutorials

Use our guides to help you make the most of WorldShare’s cataloguing tools.

Record Manager

Te Puna member libraries can use Record Manager to:

  • add and delete their holdings in WorldCat
  • edit and export catalogue records from WorldCat for use in their own library system

Getting started

Adding and removing your holdings from WorldCat

Selecting and exporting WorldCat catalogue records

Creating and editing WorldCat catalogue records

Putting it all together

Sample cataloguing workflow using Record Manager

Connexion client

Current users of Connexion can continue to access it. New Te Puna members will use Record Manager instead of Connexion.

Cataloguing tools and resources

Feature image at top of page: Detail of a card catalogue. Photo by Elena Tatiana Chis. Wikimedia Commons. License to use