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Student librarians and running your school library

Date: Monday 30 May 2022, 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Cost: Free
Location: Online — Zoom
Contact details: miriam.tuohy@dia.govt.nz
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At this meeting, you’ll learn about managing student librarians and promoting reading. We’ll share more resources and ideas to help you in your role. Make sure you've already joined our community so we can send you a Zoom invite!

Who this meeting is for

Staff who are new to a role within the school library, such as:

  • school librarians
  • library assistants
  • teachers with library responsibility
  • anyone providing school library services to students and staff.

Join our online learning community first

You first need to join our online learning community so we have your email address to send your Zoom invite.

What we’ll be doing

In this meeting, we'll:

  • talk with our guest school librarians about how they run their student librarian programmes
  • explore how to actively promote reading for pleasure through events, programmes and author visits
  • get started with guiding documents for your library and look at budget record-keeping.

Getting ready for this meeting

Get ready to Zoom!

If you're a new user, read joining a meeting.

You may also want to join the meeting a few minutes early (from 3:15pm) to check your tech — make sure your microphone, speakers and webcam are ready to go.

Bring things to share

We'd love to hear how things are going in your library. There will be time to share any successes you’ve had, whether big or small!

If you’ve taken photos you’d like to show everyone, please email them to Anne Dickson at anne.dickson@dia.govt.nz by 5pm Friday 27 May.

Find out more

For more information about this meeting, email Miriam Tuohy at miriam.tuohy@dia.govt.nz.

Student librarian being shown how to issue a book in a school library.
Image credit: All rights reserved.

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