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  • E oho! Captain Cook: The beginning of what?

E oho! Captain Cook: The beginning of what?

A conversation about James Cook’s legacy in Aotearoa and the Pacific with Associate Professor Alice Te Punga Somerville and Emalani Case.

This event has already happened. A recording will be posted soon.

| Recorded on Wednesday 21 April 2021 at Taiwhanga Kauhau — Auditorium, (lower ground) National Library Wellington. Entrance on Aitken Street.

Addressing Captain Cook’s legacy

Hear Alice Te Punga Somerville (Te Āti Awa, Taranaki) and Emalani Case (Kanaka Maoli/ Hawaiian) in conversation about James Cook’s legacy in Aotearoa and the Pacific. How do New Zealanders address this legacy 252 years after Captain Cook circumnavigated New Zealand? How should Captain Cook be remembered?

Format of event

12:10pm to 1:00pm — Listen to Alice and Emalani.

1:00pm to 1:30pm — Kōrero circle to continue the discussion.

E oho! Waitangi series 2021

E oho! Waitangi Series 2021 is a series that aims to lay the foundation for all people living in Aotearoa by exploring key events in history that shaped the nation we call home.

This series is for everyone; featuring an amazing line-up of speakers from diverse backgrounds, experts, artists and activists, comprising a range of performances, screening, workshops and public talks that focus on historical events, contemporary consequences and collective understanding.

The programme for each event entails inspiring talks and the opportunity to kōrero further after the event.

E oho! Waitangi series 2021

About the speakers

Emalani Case is a Pacific studies lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington.

Alice Te Punga Somerville is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Māori & Indigenous Studies at the University of Waikato and the author of ‘250 ways to start an essay about Captain Cook’.

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People sitting in a dimly lit auditorium with beautiful decorative wood panels highlighted.
The auditorium provides a safe space for discussions. Photo by Mark Beatty.