Tremain, Garrick 1941- :Cartoons published in Otago Daily Times, 27 August to 1 October, 2001

Tremain, Garrick, 1941-; Otago daily times (Newspaper)
Suggested increases in Health Taxes Modern Oxymorons (dry wine, rap music, coalition partner, criminal justice, working party, military intelligence) National Party seeks to purge weak and non-performing caucus members An Australian Aborigine points out the irony of Mr Howard's reasons for keeping asylum seekers out of Australia. Helen Clark's hesitation in launching the Kiwi Bank A barfly draws a parallel to his fear of going home with the boat-people seeking refugee status Comment on the new Australian anthem - being surrounded not by sea but by army keep out asylum seekers Jim Anderton supported by Jim Bolger walks the tightrope of getting the Kiwi Bank off the ground, flanked by scepticism and credibility Comment on unnecessary military hardware Jim Bolger's political swerving toward the left over his involvement in the Kiwi Bank noted. An Afghanistan refugee wearing a plane costume seeks asylum, citing the support Australia gave to the Air NZ/Ansett rescue package. Comment on the Australian public's lack of compassion toward the plight of the asylum seekers An Air NZ hostess points out to two pilots that Air NZ Board members are on board, identified with Mickey Mouse hats on. The Statue of Liberty holds her head in pain as smoke from the World Trade Centre twin towers drifts by. Air NZ Hostess points out to public that their life jackets, "muggins the tax payer" is under their seats. Air NZ Pilots note that extra seats have been strapped to the plans wing for Air NZ Board members to keep them away from taxpayers. President George W Bush appoints himself as sheriff to hunt down an indescript wanted person. Aussie barflys brag about selling the airline Ansett to NZ when it was already in a bad way. NZ Defence Force complain that they don't have any spare military equipment to lend to America. Helen Clark offers President Bush a 13-strong anti-aircraft squad in the form of the Air NZ Board. President Bush unconvincingly tries to reassure the American people they have identified Bin Laden as the target and they know where to find him. Air NZ quality control has fallen short. American navy invades the Middle East creating a new type of boat-people in the world Comment on the media packaging and Americanisation of the war against terrorism targeted at Osama Bin Laden The decline in public confidence of Air NZ shares. Comment that Helen Clark may seem more attractive if she was prevented from speaking. George W Bush seeks advice from his daddy, former President Bush. Air NZ flight operations are paralysed by goverment imposed "due diligence" during the public bail-out of the company. Enthusiasm expressed by those running for local body council positions and the public reaction to the them. Quantity: 30 photocopy/ies. Physical Description: Photocopies A4 size
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Date: 2001 Description: Three office workers discussing proposed new health tax and waiting lists. Quantity: 1 photocopy/ies. Physical Description: Photocopies A4 size