Scott, Tom, 1947- :Twenty-one cartoons published in the Evening Post between 2 and 30 November 1998.

Scott, Thomas Joseph, 1947-; Evening Post (Wellington, N.Z.)

Astronauts try to escape the reminiscing of an earlier generation astronaut.

Saddam Hussein and Bill Clinton work out a deal where Clinton looks good to the American public at mid-term elections, and America lifts the sanctions against Iraq.

Inland Revenue Department employees sell information about clients to debt collection agencies.

Tales of extraordinary courage including reading Jim Bolger's autobiography 'view from the top' in one sitting.

Richard Prebble offers words of encouragement to Jenny Shipley and at the same time secures a ball and chain around her ankle.

Rod Deane of Telecom manipulates the Maurice Williamson puppet while saying it is the Minister's call whether they deregulate further or not.

A large shark (Shamrock Holdings) is about to devour a smaller shark (BIL) in a corporate raid.

Generation X do not really benefit from changes to the student loan scheme.

Jenny Shipley drives a stake through the heart of John Luxton for backing Producer Board reform.

Iraq stands defiantly against the United States until they see the proximity of their weapons.

Comparison between Theodore Roosevelt's and John Luxton's approach to problems.

Jenny Shipley considers face-to-face diplomacy with Malaysian leader, Mr Anwar.

Comment on Winston Peter's ability to bounce back come election time.

Web pages have been sabotaged world-wide forcing people into unfamiliar pastimes like talking to their children.

The political right is about to be hit by a train (Labour and the Alliance Parties).

Jenny Shipley views economic policy and intervention differently from the comfort of Singapore.

Comment on the outrage generated by the idea of having a compulsory photo identification on drivers' licences.

National's defence policy regarding a 3rd ANZAC frigate comes under question by the Prime Minister.

General Pinochet may be sent back to Chile to stand trial on charges of torture, murder and genocide.

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