Tewsley, Henry, 1824-1879

Prominent Dunedin citizen in 1860s-1870s. Born in Surrey he emigrated to Melbourne in 1852 and set up a wholesale warehousing business. In 1854 he married Elizabeth Shearer Coltherd. In 1863 arrived in Dunedin to manage Sargood Son and Ewen's new store. His wife died of puerperal septicema in 1866 leaving Henry with 10 children. In 1869 he married his sister-in-law Mary Ann Coltherd, who came to Dunedin to care for his young family. They had four children. To house his family he built `Sheen House' in Roslyn, named after his home area in England. He planted extensive gardens and was awarded the medallion of the Otago Royal Horticulture Society. He developed and managed Sargood, Son & Ewen from its infancy; and was a founding member of the Otago Harbour Board in 1874 and chairman 1879-1880. His work was recognised in the naming of Tewsley Street on the waterfront. (See `Southern people; a dictionary of Otago Southland biography', 1998)

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