D. Andreae Alciati ivrecons. clarissimi De verborvm significatione libri qvatvor : eiusdem In tractatum eius argumenti ueterum iureconsultor[um] commentaria.

D. Andreae Alciati ivrecons. clarissimi De verborvm significatione libri qvatvor : eiusdem In tractatum eius argumenti ueterum iureconsultor[um] commentaria.
Alciati, Andrea, 1492-1550., Faber, Jakob, active 1516-1550 engraver., Holbein, Hans, 1497?-1543, illustrator., Weiditz, Hans, approximately 1495-approximately 1536, illustrator., Gryphius, Sebastianus, 1493?-1556, printer.

The commentary on ancient interpretations of De verborum significatione (Digesta Justiniana, Book 50, title 16), begins on p. 96. It is printed as scholia in double columns, with the passage under discussion indented between the columns towards the top of the text area, and with printed marginal notes.

Signatures: a-y⁶ z⁴, A⁶.

On the title page the imprint reads: 'Seb. Gryphivs excudebat Lvgvdvni, ann. 1530.'

With colophon on verso of final leaf.

Woodcut printer's device on title page and verso of final leaf.

Metalcut title page border in 4 sections by Jacob Faber after Hans Holbein; see Hollstein. Upper and lower sections contain Faber's initials 'I.F.'

Historiated metal-cut initials, from various alphabets. Three initials are from Hollstein 147, an alphabet with children in various attitudes perhaps after Holbein (c4r, e4r, g3v). The large initial C on p. 5 is from Hans Weiditz's Kinderalphabet of 1521; see Friedländer.

Not listed in Adams.

Includes indexes.

Hollstein, F.W.H. German engravings (1996), XIVa 54a-c; XIVb 147

Friedländer, M.J. Holzschnitte von Hans Weiditz, p. 26

Binding Digital image. Wellington, N.Z. : National Library of New Zealand.

Alexander Turnbull Library SPC copy. Binding: vellum manuscript page, from a Psalter, very rubbed, wrapped around the entire book to cover the boards and the spine, written in textura quadrata, black ink, capitals in red, blue and green; upper board contains 10 lines of writing, running parallel to the spine, the lower board 7 lines plus a generous lower margin, and the spine 4 or 5; altogether, the page contains Psalms 90: 14-91: 10; lines of text are complete, although the right-hand margin has been trimmed to fit the cover; tawed alum supports, inscription on lower cover, red leather spine label tooled in gold. Provenance: Latin inscription on upper flyleaf, t.p. inscriptions including 'Catalogo Monast Campil Inscriptus 1688', 'Caroli Mazzoni ... C.C. Mtni 1793', 'Georg Martini ... Vienna'. Presentation slip to the ATL 'Clifford C. Clements on 21.10.49'. Copy specific details available on request from Curator, Special Printed Collections. Acc. 394739.

Digital image available: bookbinding, Alexander Turnbull Library Rare Book copy. Details available on request from Curator, Rare Books and Fine Printing.

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De verborum significatione libri quatuor.; D. Andreae Alciati iurecons. clarissimi De verborum significatione libri quatuor
Lvgvdvni, : Seb. Gryphivs excudebat , ann. 1530.
268, [16] p. ; fol.
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