Correspondence - Miscellaneous (photocopies)

Bradshaw, Muriel Agnes, 1899-1992; Auckland Society of Arts; Thomson, William Laird, 1904-1994; Dunningham, Margaret Mathie, 1911-1974; Ridley, Arnold, 1896-1984; Heller, Elsie, active 1970; Conway, Mike, active 1953; Moore, Arthur Briscoe, 1891-1985; Henderson, Louise Etiennette Sidonie (Dame), 1902-1994; Buxton, George W, active 1946-1948; McDonnell, Elma Frederika, 1912-2002; Brent, Irene, active 1952; Hitchings, Helen Margaret St. Clare, 1920-2002; Johnson, Louis Albert, 1924-1988; Mant, G F, active 1953; Lawlor, Patrick Anthony, 1893-1979; Lomas, Heather, active 1956-1995; Carr, Murray R, active 1953; Kingsley, Victoria, active 1950s; Hurst, Maurice, active 1922-1946; Brown, James Goldie, 1901-1990; Jackson, Stanley, active 1950-1981; Henderson, James Herbert, 1918-2005; Beer, Grace, active 1954; Mackay, Cyril Augustine, 1894-1970; Brabazon, Yvonne, active 1950s; Johnston, Grahame, active 1950s; McDougall, J F, active 1950-1951; Ganymed Press; Mulgan, Alan Edward, 1881-1962; Dixon, Margaret, active 1955; Proudfoot, John William, 1914-1998; Duff, Charles, active 1949; Gillespie, Oliver Neal, 1883-1957; Clouston, Evelyn M, active 1952-1965; Australian (Periodical); Fitzpatrick, Brian, active 1949-1952; Burchfield, Robert William, 1923-2004; Barwell, Nicholas, active 1950; Lee, Lincoln, active 1957-1966; Aldrich, Tilli, active 1925-1953; Gooley, Eric, active 1950s; Franchi, Dorothea Anne, 1920-2003; Davin, Daniel Marcus, 1913-1990; Bell, John, active 1950s; University of Otago. Dental School; Hingston, Molly, active 1951; Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd; Arts year book (Periodical); Cotterall, Robert, active 1932-1987; Dumble, Marjorie, active 1954; New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation; Dennant, Richard, active 1960; Jenkins, G L B (Miss), active 1954; Hately, Jean G, active 1954; Manning, Arthur, active 1984; Smithyman, William Kendrick, 1922-1995; Dowling, Basil Cairns, 1910-2000; Cracknell, Vernon Francis, 1912-1989; Graham, David Henry, 1885-1965; Musgrove, Sydney, 1914-1987; Clark, Russell Stuart Cedric, 1905-1966

Identified persons entered under Name. Also includes letter from A E, New York, with Pamela Travers' address; and letters from Bryce, Lower Hutt; Burton of Epsom, Auckland; Grace writing from Huntly House, Dunedin, Ranfurly, Riverton, and the University Library (1950s); Lincoln of Titirangi, 1954; [?] Jock Gillesbie, NZBC (1954); Irene of Hawera (1951) and also letter from Irene to Isabella; Archie of London (1950s); Rhoda E [?] McCricken, Mt Albert (1951); [?] Peggy Youland, Wellington; M B of Remuera; Eryl [?] Calt, Remuera (1952); [?] N Kealy, Auckland; [?] T A Farrow, Mt Eden (1951).

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