Scott, Tom, 1947- :Twenty-four cartoons published in the Evening Post between 1 December 1998 and 29 January 1999.

1998 - 1999
Scott, Thomas Joseph, 1947-; Evening Post (Wellington, N.Z.)

General Pinochet complains about not being allowed to travel freely.

Comment on the Minister of Defence's policy.

Opposition Leader, Helen Clark, tells the public about National's intended defence spending.

New Zealand's energy resources are put up for sale.

Vultures gather around National's leader, Jenny Shipley.

Jenny Shipley celebrates her first year as leader of the National Party.

Boris Yeltsin reassures Russians he is still alive and running the country even though he is on an intravenous drip of Vodka.

Finance Minister, Bill Birch in a pool after his attempt in the NZ Economic Free Fall Competitions. Jenny Shipley passes his togs, which he forgot to put on.

Comment on the commercialisation of professional cricket.

The House Judiciary Committee sit in judgement over President Clinton in the Lewinsky scandal.

New ACC law allows victims the right to sue.

Paul East quits politics to take up a cushy post for Foreign Affairs in London.

Leaked conversations of Gilbert Myles.

US military are relaxed about Iraqi missiles aimed at US Republicans.

Jenny Shipley visits Bill Clinton.

The world tryys to understand why Serbian security forces commit such terrible atrocitities. The Serbians say 'Because they can'

Rachel Hunter and Jerry Hall discuss why they got rid of their rock star husbands.

Pam Corkery quits politics.

Bill Clinton tells the nation about the state of his relations with his wife Hillary following the Lewinsky allegations.

The International Olympic Committee get 1st, 2nd and 3rd for Corruption, Greed and Arrogance.

Monica Lewinsky is called to Washington for a high-level debriefing.

The Government's response to people's needs following the storms in Northland.

Sweetwaters festival leaves a mountain of unpaid debtors.

Jenny Shipley advocates her favoured MMP option.

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