Photographs from Papua New Guinea, mainly New Britain and New Ireland

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Tonkin, Lida, active 1911-1943

Digitised copies of 72 photographs and postcards collected by Sister Lida Tonkin. The images include events, daily life and traditional customs practiced in Rabaul in the early 20th century. Images include traditional fishing, funerary and marriage customs, canoe building and sailing, dancing, baske, broom and string making and traditional houses, mission life, and the Malabunga hospital.

Image list:

AU PMB PHOTO 1-01 A cremation in the Kavieng Circuit

AU PMB PHOTO 1-02 A cremation in the Kavieng Circuit

AU PMB PHOTO 1-03 Condensers, Rabaul

AU PMB PHOTO 1-04 Dugongs, sea cows, cast up on the beach at Matupil, Rabaul 12/9/28.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-05 H.M.A.S Melbourne, Rabaul

AU PMB PHOTO 1-06 Entrance to Government House

AU PMB PHOTO 1-07 European Hospital, Namenula Hill, Rabaul

AU PMB PHOTO 1-08 After the eruption.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-09 A mon (native building boat)

AU PMB PHOTO 1-10 Making lime bags

AU PMB PHOTO 1-11 Native umbrella (pandanus leaf)

AU PMB PHOTO 1-12 Making a basket from a coconut palm leaf

AU PMB PHOTO 1-13 Coral to be burned for lime

AU PMB PHOTO 1-14 See card previously with Tutupele, Raluana (near Rabaul)

AU PMB PHOTO 1-15 Funeral ritual

AU PMB PHOTO 1-16 Ulu I. Mission Church. Ulu Island in St George Channel, near Rabaul.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-17 The crowd who gather to welcome the Chairman Rev W.H. Cox, W. L. L. Linggood & Sister L. Tonkin. Malaboga

AU PMB PHOTO 1-18 Fire dancer, Bainig [Baining]

AU PMB PHOTO 1-19 Rev. W.H. Cox & Iparam Lo Bobo at the grave of Penu To Pitmur [?], the first New Britain ordained to the ministry

AU PMB PHOTO 1-20 Iparam To Bobo, chief

AU PMB PHOTO 1-21 The drinking vessel is a length of bamboo

AU PMB PHOTO 1-22 A method of carrying pigs

AU PMB PHOTO 1-23 Cox Memorial Building (Snap taken on cloudy day to avoid black shadows from Mangoes in Mango Avenue). Memorial Stone is set in face of building under window on right hand side, name of building over door Jan. 19401 [sic], Rabaul.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-24 Malabonga [Malabunga] Hospital 1932

AU PMB PHOTO 1-25 Hospital assistant's houses at Malabonga [Malabunga] - built after we took over

AU PMB PHOTO 1-26 Malaboga [Malabunga] Hospital (Dispensary, store, theatre, women's ward).

AU PMB PHOTO 1-27 Malabonga [Malabunga] Hospital, The rear of the residence.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-28 Malaboga [Malabunga] residence. A corner of the hospital may be seen at the rear.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-29 A section of the sewing class. Malabonga [Malabunga]

AU PMB PHOTO 1-30 Women at Malabonga [Malabunga] bringing home wood

AU PMB PHOTO 1-31 Making brooms

AU PMB PHOTO 1-32 Making string from grass

AU PMB PHOTO 1-33 Making a fishing net

AU PMB PHOTO 1-34 The fisher (107)

AU PMB PHOTO 1-35 Mending his net

AU PMB PHOTO 1-36 (86) A fishing village

AU PMB PHOTO 1-37 a fish-trap

AU PMB PHOTO 1-38 Off to set his fish trap

AU PMB PHOTO 1-39 Splitting cane for typing purposes

AU PMB PHOTO 1-40 Cane for native anchor cable

AU PMB PHOTO 1-41 "Kulau" dance

AU PMB PHOTO 1-42 Carved work used in dances

AU PMB PHOTO 1-43 (90) members of "Duk duk" secret society

AU PMB PHOTO 1-44 "Duk duk" parade

AU PMB PHOTO 1-45 Woman and child, South New Ireland

AU PMB PHOTO 1-46 Parading the "Duk duk"

AU PMB PHOTO 1-47 Parading the "Duk duk"

AU PMB PHOTO 1-48 Watnabara church.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-49 Iona to Gigi, chief of Raluana.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-50 Pero To Kinhein (?), Chief of Ialaheau (?)

AU PMB PHOTO 1-51 Raluana church in my time

AU PMB PHOTO 1-52 Fish trap anchor out in roadstead off Raluana

AU PMB PHOTO 1-53 Akuila To Ngaru apportioning the food to the various villages, after the annual mission gathering

AU PMB PHOTO 1-54 Akuila To Ngaru & his wife

AU PMB PHOTO 1-55 Leading the blind

AU PMB PHOTO 1-56 Good crop of coconutes

AU PMB PHOTO 1-57 Pounding poison root for asphyxiating fish

AU PMB PHOTO 1-58 (1) Land of first motor car in Port Moresby

AU PMB PHOTO 1-60 Crossing Baining river. Mr. Wayne and boys.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-61 Grass cutting with sarif [bush knife]

AU PMB PHOTO 1-62 [Two men making cane chair]

AU PMB PHOTO 1-63 [A boy eating a coconut]

AU PMB PHOTO 1-64 Rev and Mrs and K.A. Wenzel & Scharnhost [child]

AU PMB PHOTO 1-65 Annual labor inspection - Gunantabu

AU PMB PHOTO 1-66 Litia and Government Yaght at Molot.Jubilee Day 21.9.25.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-67 Hertzer

AU PMB PHOTO 1-68 An eruption picture

AU PMB PHOTO 1-69 Entrance Blanche Bay

AU PMB PHOTO 1-70 Japanese vessel. Mr Cox's departure.

AU PMB PHOTO 1-71 Duk duk men

AU PMB PHOTO 1-72 Plaiting coconut palm leaves for sleeping mats.

Sister Lida Tonkin (Mrs L. Gill), a nursing sister from Young, New South Wales, first arrived at the Methodist Mission at Raluana in New Britain in 1916.

Quantity: 72 electronic scan(s) of original black and white photographic print(s).

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72 electronic scan(s) of original black and white photographic print(s), Postcards, Photographs, Digital images
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