Goodbye to all that: Armistice 1918

This exhibition is now closed.

From 10 September to 1 December 2018 | 10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday | Turnbull Gallery, Level one

End of first World War commemorations

Since 2014, the First World War has been at the forefront of the collective consciousness of New Zealanders through many exhibitions, events, film, and public services. As 2018 draws to a close, so too do the centenary commemorations of this unprecedented event that affected so many across the globe. 

Ripple effects of World War One conflict continue

What is important to remember however, is that the end of war does not come simply with the signing of a mere piece of paper, as the ripple effects of conflict continue for months, or even years after the fighting ceases.

Students from the Museum and Heritage Studies programme at Victoria University of Wellington, in collaboration with the Alexander Turnbull Library, present an exhibition that explores the intermingled emotions of relief, joy, and sadness that came with the ceasefire.

Explore how people celebrated the end of World War One

How did people celebrate the end of 4 years’ worth of fighting? What did people do to cope with the climate of warfare at the time? How did it impact young nurses in training?

Through diary entries, photographs, public notices, and film, Goodbye to All That: Armistice 1918 delves into the lives of those affected by the First World War, and what life was like before and after it ended.

Notice. If official notification is received that an armistice with Germany has been signed, the fact will be announced to the public by the firing of guns. By authority, Marcus F Marks, Government Printer, Wellington - 1918. Ref: Eph-B-WAR-WI-Peace-1918-01