The Topp Twins — an exhibition for New Zealand

This exhibition is now closed.

From 27 March to 22 September 2018 | 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday | Ground floor

The Topp Twins — playful, powerful and political

Synonymous with small town, rural New Zealand and that Kiwi “can-do attitude”, Lynda and Jools Topp are among New Zealand’s best-loved entertainers. They’ve been cultural touchstones for more than 40 years, their playful, powerful and political creative work continuing to resonate with a broad audience across generational and political divides.

Whether it’s as Camp Mother and Camp Leader, the Gingham Sisters, Westie girls Raylene and Brenda, posh socialites Prue and Dilly or the Kiwi bloke and townie combo of Ken and Ken, the Topp Twins continue to champion the communities and causes near and dear to us.

Jools and Lynda Topp: much-loved Kiwi entertainers and activists. Image: Topp Twins

Celebration of things that unite us

This exhibition is a celebration of the things that have shaped us as a nation, and the spirit and values of the things that unite us rather than divide us.

Key themes explored in the exhibition include:

  • family background
  • creating the Topp Twins characters
  • the Topp Twins contribution as popular musicians and entertainers
  • political activism
  • freedom and inclusion
  • LGBTQI empowerment and achievements.

What you can see and do

The exhibition offers archival footage, writing, objects and documents from their comprehensive archive to illustrate and embody a lifetime of creative work. Introductions to each segment are bi-lingual.

Audiences can engage and participate in a variety of hands-on interactive activities. These activities highlight the creative political activism used by the Topp Twins, and offer audiences the opportunity to express their own thoughts and opinions.

Exhibition developed by an award-winning team

Developed in heartland New Zealand by the award-winning team at Te Manawa Museum in Palmerston North, The Topp Twins exhibition offers an exciting opportunity to celebrate the outstanding contribution these inspiring women make to our nation’s social, cultural and political landscape.

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