Wireframe of a model of a bird.

3D printing

Find out where you can get items printed in 3D, information about what 3D printing is, examples of existing models to print and software to create your own models. Sadly we are no longer printing 3D items.

It's been a great journey with you

In the last 4 years we’ve printed over 1100 items, everything from 3 dimensional map data to vacuum cleaner parts.

Our journey into 3D printing has been challenging, informative and exciting. We’ve had a great time working with you.

Sadly on 10 May 2019, we are packing up our printers for the last time and no longer offering a 3d printing service.

Other places for 3d printing

Other options for 3D printing include:

MakerSpace New Zealand

What's 3D printing?

It's a process for making a physical object from a 3D digital model – most printers do this by laying down thin layers of a material on top of each other.

Our printers feed a lightweight plastic filament through the print-head and heat it to its melting point, then extrude the plastic onto a build plate surface in a pattern, hardening upon impact.

Designing 3D models

Want to start designing and printing your own 3D models?

See below for places you can find existing models to print and software you can use to create your own models for printing.

Existing models to print

Find existing models to print.

  • Thingiverse — the world’s largest 3D printing and design community for discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable things.
  • GrabCAD — a community where engineers can upload and download models from a free CAD library. This repository has over 800,000 open source models available.
  • Yeggi — a search engine for 3D printable models.
  • YouMagine — a smaller online community and repository for 3D printing.

Software to create your own 3D models

Create your own models and get them ready for printing.

  • FreeCad — free, open source, and powerful 3D design software with a growing number of downloadable add-on features.
  • Meshmixer — mash, mix, sculpt, stamp or paint your own 3D designs. Available on our iMacs.
  • Sketchup — used for general 3D modelling but excels with geometric shapes. Sketchup is easy to learn with powerful plugins to extend its capability. Free for non-commercial use.
  • Sculptris — provides an excellent gateway into 3D sculpting.
  • Tinkercad — super easy online 3D modelling application.
  • Blender — an open source 3D creation suite. Powerful but a little more complicated to learn.