When school staff, school and public libraries, and families and whānau work together they form the community of support needed to create students who read for pleasure.

While reading is often private, it’s also social as people share, discuss and review what they read within and across their communities.

A boy fills up his bag with books to read at home
Home-school reading partnerships Learn how to create a culture of reading that extends beyond school walls through home-school partnerships, and why it's important. This guide includes ​strategies parents and whānau​ can use to support their children as readers.
Reading Together Programme workshop St Jospehs Otahuhu
Reading Together programme Learn about the Reading Together® Te Pānui Ngātahi programme, which helps parents and whānau support their children’s reading at home. The National Library can support schools who are offering the programme.
Father and daughter reading at home
Reading at home Find out how to be an effective reading role model and help your child become a reader for life. This is one of the most powerful things you can do to enhance their literacy and learning outcomes.
Childrens books on display at a public library
Hapori, Community, Level 1, Tūranga. Christchurch City Libraries. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Image cropped.
Collaborating with public libraries Collaborating with your local public library encourages and supports students to read for pleasure outside of school — at home and during the holidays.