School libraries: Excellence in practice — Viscount Primary School

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Viscount School in Mangere, Auckland supports students' learning and literacy through excellent library services.


Students: Yeah!!!!

Fran Mes: Something to do with books?

Mark: When I read books, like um... I try to visualise it, like I'm really in the world.

Angel: I like adventure books.

Zion: My favourite books are fantasy.

Angel: And I can just read forever.

Fran Mes: We want the library to have a wow factor.

It looks chaotic in here at times, that's because we have lots of kids in here and sometimes we have two or three classes in at the same time.

Probably not everybody could manage that.

It's probably the fact that...I'm really clear about the learning that needs to go on.

Barbara Woods: Here reading and information seeking is a very collaborative and sharing activity.

We want kids to know it's a place where you can talk and discuss and be really happy.

Deniro: Our school librarian, she is a really good teacher, she's really knowledgeable.

When you come here she will give us tips.

Fran Mes: I just get the biggest buzz out of kids coming and talking to me about reading.

We have a secret book club...that was huge in making the library come alive.

We started small, that's why we called it a secret, 'cause everybody wants to know the secret.

They have to know the password which is 'Can I join the book club please?'

From that our issues went up exponentially!

Kuanita Su'a: We do a lot of inquiry skills and it's a lot of research, so they use the library as a foundation for researching.

When we're doing things like Maths or Inquiry or Reading I send kids over to the library.

Fran Mes: Part of it for me is the collaboration, um... where I can collaborate with teachers and talk to them about what's happening in their classrooms.

I think that the library has a great connection between classrooms literacy programs.
That for me is really important important that I know that what we're doing here is impacting on the classroom programme.

Barbara Woods: Our librarian are highly qualified, a highly experienced teacher and is also in the management team. So, the library can't miss out.

Kuanita Su'a: She's always keen to help students individually, in groups and us as a whole class.

Italy: She like makes it fun for reading instead of boring.

Andre: Whenever I come to the library I always enjoy it every time. I make the most of it and to have Miss Mes here, she's just the best librarian I've ever had.

Hiva: If your stuck on a test or something like that you just come straight here and
research, research until you find the answer. This is what I love about this place.

Fran Mes: I like to connect with the students, from where they're at, and further develop their critical thinking and inquiry skills.

Fran Mes: (laughter)..That's fantastic, right let's go and see what's happening over here.

Kuanita Su'a: It's a space were kids can actually come and research and use the technology which will help with their learning.

Fran Mes: I actually make it my business to find out about stuff.

Me being a trained teacher and being based in the library full time is what makes this library
the special place that it is.

The kids come and go for 'Just in Time' learning.

They know they can come in to choose a book, I'll help them with choice.

They love talking about books with us.

Mark: I've issued about 183 books this year, and I'm hoping to read more interesting books, like um... more challenging books to move up in my reading age.

Hiva: It's just like a learning center for me and when I read a book my mind is transformed.

Fran Mes: I have kids turn up rushing in the door, their five year olds, and their going

"We've just read a book about animals that live under the ground...

Can you please give us some books"

Kuanita Su'a: Kids can read books and jump on technology and look up, so to further their researching skills. So it's not just from one source, but they can make links.

Fran Mes: The teachers that link into the library and use the library lots, I believe have better outcomes for their students.

Those students in those classes are library users.

Italy: I love coming to the library because I learn heaps and I gain more knowledge and I take the knowledge I gain here to my own classroom or at home.

Fran Mes: (laughter)

Deniro: She's a really good teacher to us.

Students: Yeah!