Riccarton book club

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Sally Blake, Librarian at Riccarton High School, talks about their book club, why it's been such a hit with students and the importance of fun!


Sally Blake: We've started this really cool book club at Riccarton here. And it's a really big thanks to Lianza because we got these pizza wheels and we got these pizza vouchers from Hells

Pizza and so we thought this is really cool, how can we use them.

So we decided to do a book club. So we meet up a couple of times a term at the beginning of term and the end of term. We put on pizzas, chocolate biscuits, sweets and all the rest of it, which just goes phuuucch and it's all gone. I haven't had a piece of pizza yet.

But the kids all sit there on bean bags. We set up these rooms with like bean bags in a great big circle, and they just chat about the books. Like the first one went for about half an hour. The second one I had to kick the kids out and say " Hey look you guys have got to go back to class".

And they're like can I just chat about this book that I've been reading. So we've set up a big list of what everyones been reading and we're sharing it with other kids and it's just super popular.

But it means there's kids sharing ideas about books that they're reading and they're saying hey have you tried this.

Or don't read that, or you know it's just a wonderful kind of opportunity for people to talk about books and to talk about what they're reading, but in a really informal - you don't have to critique it, you don't have to about the themes, and the plot and who the main protagonist is.

It's fun, you know books are fun and it's reminding them that it's fun.