Reading Together at Ohaeawai School

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School librarian Liz Christensen talks about how the role school library has been a critical success factor in supporting literacy development at Ohaeawai School.


Liz Christensen: We've been really pleased to be a part of the 'Reading Together' programme.

It's been very very successful in this school. Right from the beginning the library was the main focus for the whole programme.

All the meetings were in the library and I was a key part of delivering information and helping parents choose books.

I gave many talks on how to choose an appropriate book for the children and different fonts and font sizes, interesting covers, and hooking children into series and being quite specific about their own children.

It's been great having Whanau in the school.

I've opened up borrowing to family units so the kids and the parents have bar codes and I've opened up the library as well.

So from 8 o'clock in the morning until, we normally close at 2:30, school finishes at 2:30, but I have the library open till 3:00.

So parents to call in with their children, to choose books together, and it's lovely.

It's just lovely, they has made a huge difference to the children having parents involved, and it's made a huge difference to the parents; knowing how to approach books, what books to choose. I think a lot of parents were a little out of their depth.

So we've opened it up. Not only to the parents but we're looking at the local play centre
and opening it up to the wider community and getting parents in before their children even start school.