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You can request specific books at any time during the year to meet individual student's needs, based on your own search of the National Library catalogue.

What you can borrow

There's no limit to the number of specific title requests schools can make.

All schools can borrow specific titles from our Schools Lending Collection. Books from this collection are issued for 1 term.

Secondary and composite schools can also borrow from the National Library's Wellington, Overseas Non-fiction Collection and Wellington, New Zealand Pacific Collection. Books from these collections are issued for 5 weeks, but you can renew your loan for 2 further periods of 4 weeks. There is a replacement fee for lost books.

Number of requests and availability of resources

There‘s no limit on the number of specific title requests you can make, although these requests are not meant for ordering large quantities of books. We encourage you to use the whole-school loan for that purpose.

We'll do our best to fulfill your requests, but there may be times when this isn't possible. For example:

  • there may be high demand for certain titles, formats (e.g. graphic novels), genres, or topics
  • a book may already be on loan, or
  • we can't send it within the time you need it.

We're unable to provide multiple copies of a title (including class sets).

How to request a specific title

  1. Search for the titles you want to borrow in the National Library catalogue. Check the 'Available at' field to see if the title you want is in a collection schools can borrow from.
  2. Sign in to your school's dashboard, then click the Request specific titles button. You'll need to search for each title (or you can enter the author or ISBN) to confirm the exact item you want before adding it to your loan request.
  3. Each request can hold up to 5 titles, but you can add as many 5-title requests as you need.
  4. If your school is requesting a title from one of the National Library's Wellington collections for the first time, you'll receive an email from our Collection Delivery team. The policy agreement attached to the email gives the terms and conditions of your loan. Read, sign and return the agreement to the team.

Need help?

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