Renew books, overdue books, lost or damaged books

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Read our policy about the renewal of books or loans. Find out what to do if your books are overdue or you've lost or damaged one.

Renewal of books

As a national service, we need to ensure that all schools have equal access to books in the Schools Lending Collection. We discourage renewals, especially if the books are in high demand. However, if you need to keep your books beyond the due date, please contact us to discuss:

Loans by secondary and composite schools from the 'Wellington, Overseas Non-fiction Collection' and the 'Wellington, New Zealand Pacific Collection' can be renewed for 2 further periods of 4 weeks. To renew a loan:

Dates for ordering and returning school loans

Overdue books or loans

We don't charge if your books are overdue, but do send them back as soon as possible after their due date.

If you're waiting on a few of our books to be returned to you from your borrowers, send back the ones you already have from your loan. Then send the remaining ones separately as soon as they turn up or add them to the box with the next set of books you return to us.

Lost book

If the book was part of your whole-school loan or a specific title from the Schools Lending Collection, just send us an email explaining what's happened. We don't charge replacement fees for books from this collection.


If the book came from the National Library Collections in Wellington, you'll need to pay a replacement fee.

Contact our Collection Delivery team:

Damaged book

Please return the book when it's due back, along with the rest of your loan.