Quick guide for school loan coordinators

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Borrowing books from the National Library is easy. This page outlines the steps a school loan coordinator needs to take to order a loan from us.
Experienced loan coordinators: Order books now

Dates for ordering and returning school loans — find out when to order your books from us.

Home educators can also borrow books from the National Library.

How to borrow books from us

Your National Library book loans are requested and managed by your school loan coordinator. Schools can have up to 2 coordinators, appointed by your school principal.

School loan coordinator role

Who can borrow, what you can borrow

1. Register as a school loan coordinator

If you are going to be a loan coordinator for your school, you’ll first need to register with one of your school's unique registration codes. If you can’t find your registration code, you can request a new one.

Request a new code

Register now as your school's coordinator using the code emailed to you

Remember your password as you’ll need it to sign in later as your school's loan coordinator.

Phone 0800 LIB LINE (0800 542 5463) if you need help.

2. Decide with your school which books to borrow

Gather information about what books teachers would like to support their students' inquiry and engage them as readers. Then you can work out how to structure your loan requests so that you get the most out of your loan allocation.

Work with teachers to plan your loan and requests has information about the lending process, and forms you can download to help you gather information from teachers.

3. Sign in to your school’s dashboard

This is where you can view your current and previous loans, create and edit whole-school loan orders, or request specific titles anytime.

Sign in to your dashboard to manage your requests

Your password is the one you created in step 1 above (Register as a school loan coordinator).

If you've forgotten your password, use the link on the Sign in to manage your requests page to get a new one.

4. Order your loan

The online form will guide you through the ordering process. You can save your requests (and come back to finish later) at any stage before you submit your order.

Order a whole-school loan — tips for using the online form

Request a specific book — anytime title requests

Dates for ordering and returning school loans

5. Receive your loan

The 'Receive and manage your loan' page on our website has advice on making the National Library books available to your students and staff, and keeping track of them while they're at your school.

Receive and manage the books in your loan

School loan case studies give examples of how schools can coordinate and manage their loans.

School loan case studies

6. Return your loan to the National Library

Return your book loans at the end of a school term or at the end of their loan period. Due date printouts are included with the loans.

Return your books to us explains how and where to return your loan, including information about using our CourierPost arrangement. Use our return address labels provided.

Dates for ordering and returning school loans

Need help?

FAQs about school lending

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