Order a whole-school loan — tips for using the online form

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The online ordering system has help text to guide you through the loan process. First, make sure you're registered as a coordinator and that you can sign in to access your school's loan dashboard.

Register as your school's loan coordinator

If you've been chosen to be a loan coordinator for your school, you’ll need a unique registration code to access the online ordering system.

If you can’t find your registration code or need another one, request a new code.

Then register as your school's loan coordinator

Remember your password as you’ll need it to sign in as your school's loan coordinator later.

Sign in to your school’s dashboard

Once you've registered, you can sign in to your school's dashboard and order loans and books.

Sign in to your school's dashboard

Order your whole-school loan

From the dashboard, click the blue Order your whole-school loan button. The online form has instructions and examples to help you complete the fields.

When you submit your whole-school loan order, you’ll see the ‘top-up’ options for adding extra reading engagement books. Choose the option you’d like (25, 50, 75, 100 books, or 'No thanks').

5 tips to help with your loan orders

  1. To receive as many books as possible, add requests to your loan until you’ve used all of your school’s allocation.
    Work with teachers to plan your loan and requests has advice about how to make the most of your allocation.

  2. Use the blue Save and continue later button if you want to come back to finish your loan order later.

  3. But make sure you submit your whole-school loan before the end of the loan order period. After the order period has ended, the system will clear any unsubmitted whole-school loans.

  4. If your school has 2 loan coordinators, make sure you’re both ready to submit your whole-school loan order as it can only be submitted once. Once you’ve submitted your loan order you can’t add to it or make any other changes.

  5. 2 weeks before the end of a loan order period, a pop-up reminder message will appear on your dashboard if you have a loan order that you need to submit.

What if I need help or make a mistake

FAQs about school lending has some answers that may help you.

If you've realised there's a mistake in your loan order after it's been submitted, get in touch with us to find out how we can help:

Check your loan’s progress from the dashboard

Your loan order entry will change from green to yellow on the dashboard when you've submitted the order.

We process loans in the order that we receive them.

We aim to dispatch whole-school loans within 20 working days from when we receive your order. Loans can take 1–3 working days to be delivered once they leave our centre.