School loan coordinators — how to use our lending service

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Our step-by-step guide helps school loan coordinators through the loan process. Find out how to plan and order your loan, what to do when your loan arrives, and how to return your books to us.


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Quick guide for school loan coordinators

Borrowing books from the National Library is easy. This page outlines the steps a school loan coordinator needs to take to order a loan from us.
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Work with teachers to plan your loan and requests

Before you start your online loan order, gather information from your teachers about the type of books they want you to order. This is especially important for whole-school loans. This page has advice and resources to help you get the most from your loan.
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Order a whole-school loan — tips for using the online form

The online ordering system has help text to guide you through the loan process. First, make sure you're registered as a coordinator and that you can sign in to access your school's loan dashboard.
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Request a specific book — anytime title requests

You can request specific books at any time during the year to meet individual student's needs, based on your own search of the National Library catalogue.
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Receive and manage the books in your loan

Your students and staff need easy access to the National Library books you've borrowed. Here are some ways to make the books available to students and staff, and keep track of them in your school.
School loans and books returned to National Library Services to Schools.

Return books using CourierPost special rates

Use CourierPost's Services to Schools discounted delivery rates to return books (in whole-school or anytime title loans) to the National Library. Download return address labels for boxes. Run a circulation report and remove our books from your ILS.
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Renew books, overdue books, lost or damaged books

Read our policy about renewal of books or loans. Find out what to do if your books are overdue or you've lost or damaged one.
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FAQs about school lending

Quickly find answers to some common questions about our lending service.