School loan coordinator role

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Find out what's involved in being a school loan coordinator.

An important role supported by Services to Schools

Being a school loan coordinator is an opportunity to take a leadership role in resourcing teaching across your school. You will also learn more about the books and resources that support student inquiry and reading engagement.

To use National Library's lending service, your school needs to nominate up to 2 loan coordinators.

The role is supported by our Services to Schools team.

Who can be a school loan coordinator?

These staff may have good skills and knowledge to do the role:

  • school librarian
  • teacher with responsibility for the library, or
  • teacher with responsibility for literacy.

School loan coordinators need to have good lines of communication with all teaching staff. It's also helpful to understand the process a school might use to manage National Library resources.

What a school loan coordinator does

The loan coordinator is your school's contact for ordering and managing books from the National Library. The person in this role:

  • collaborates with teaching staff to plan and coordinate whole-school loans and anytime title requests
  • uses our online dashboard and order forms to request loans from the National Library on behalf of your school
  • liaises with Services to Schools staff to answer any enquiries about a loan request
  • oversees the distribution and tracking of borrowed resources throughout the school
  • collects and returns books and resources to the National Library
  • is not personally liable for the loss of any books — their role is solely coordination.

Who can borrow, what you can borrow

Amount of time the role will take

This will vary depending on the approach the loan coordinator takes and also the size of your school. A great loan requires great communication and coordination with your school staff.

  • In a small school, all staff may meet to plan the inquiry topics they're studying. In this case, the whole staff can decide together the inquiry and reading engagement resources needed to support students.
  • In a larger school, the planning and decision making may happen in teaching teams, syndicates, or department groups. In this case, you could have someone from each group feed their resourcing decisions back to the loan coordinator to include in your whole-school loan request.

As a guide, busy times are when the coordinator is:

  • coordinating the whole-school loan leading up to the ordering period
  • receiving and distributing resources when they arrive
  • packaging and returning the resources at the end of the loan period.

We're here to support your coordinator

Along with the online form and dashboard, we have a step-by-step, quick guide for loan coordinators about how to request a loan.

Quick guide for school loan coordinators

They can also phone or email us for help:

I want to be a school loan coordinator

School principals will usually be involved in choosing who will fill this role, so contact your principal if you're interested.

School loan coordinators — how to use our lending service has more about what a coordinator does.

Register as a school loan coordinator

School loan case studies has stories from coordinators working in the role.