Calendar with pencil to enter dates to order or return your school loan

Find out when you need to order or return your whole-school loan or the specific titles you've requested from our school lending service.

2018 order and return dates

Whole-school loans

Your school can order 4 whole-school resource loans per year, one per term, to support inquiry and reading engagement in your school.

Term Loan order period Due date (for return)
1 23 November 2017 to 2 March 2018 13 April 2018
2 3 March to 18 May 6 July
3 19 May to 10 August 28 September
4 11 August to 2 November 15 February 2019

Anytime title requests — for specific books

Schools can request specific books to meet students’ needs any time during the school year. (Note that this service has been extended as a trial in term 1 2018 to include primary schools as well as secondary and composite schools.)

The return dates for your anytime requests are on a printout sent with your books. If you can't find the printout, this page explains the due dates.

Return date for books from our Schools Lending Collection

To make it easier for schools to return books borrowed from the Schools Lending Collection, due dates for requests from this collection are linked to whole-school loan request and return dates. Refer to the 'Whole-school loans — order and return dates' table above and read these examples to understand how this works:

  • If you request a specific title on 17 May (within term 2's whole-school loan request period), the book is due back to us on 6 July.
  • If you request this title on 19 May (within the term 3's whole-school loan request period), its due date is 28 September.

Return date for books from our Wellington school lending collections

Books borrowed by secondary and composite schools from the Wellington General Collection and the Wellington New Zealand and Pacific Collection are due back in 5 weeks. 

Request a specific book — anytime title requests


Books or loans from our Schools Lending Collection can't be renewed. As a national service, we need to ensure that all schools have equal access to our books. If you have any concerns about returning books on time, contact us to discuss your situation:

Books from our Wellington collections can be renewed for 2 further periods of 4 weeks.

More about returning books and using our lending service

Return your books to us has more information about where to send your books and how to use the CourierPost service.

School loan coordinators — how to use our lending service