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Registering and requesting

Coming in on a Saturday to research? Plan ahead and request items you want to use by 4pm on Friday. Orders made on Saturday aren't delivered until Monday.

Over the Easter break the Alexander Turnbull Library will be open on Saturday from 9am to 1pm. We are closed on the public holidays.

Please order collection items by 4pm Thursday if you would like them available on Saturday.

Most of the collections are kept safe in storage, but they can be retrieved at your request. Find out how to request items from our published material (collections on the National Library catalogue) and our unpublished (collections on Tiaki).

Register to request collection items

You can register to request collection items. There are different processes depending if you’re requesting:

  • published material (collections on the National Library catalogue, or
  • unpublished (collections on Tiaki).

Published material

This includes books, journals, newspapers, and more.

Unpublished material

This includes photographs, manuscripts, drawings, oral histories, and more.

  • You’ll need a RealMe account – you can use an existing one, or create one from Tiaki
  • From the Tiaki homepage click Login and follow the instructions to use your RealMe account or make a new one
  • Click Continue to go to the Tiaki registration page
  • Fill in the registration form and you’re done

How to request items

You can request material from the item record page on the website. You can request up to 10items at a time.

Follow the process described below.

  • Click the Request Item option on the item’s record page.
  • You’ll either see ‘Item added to the current request...’, or be able to send an enquiry to a curator about the item.
  • Submit your requests by clicking Current request
  • Select the Date Required,and
  • press Submit.

Delivery of requested material

Collection items are brought to the Reading Rooms throughout the day Monday to Friday.

General Reading Room weekday deliveries

If you request an item It will be delivered at
From 10am Approximately 30 minutes from the time ordered
After 4.30pm 10.00am the next day except Saturday

Katherine Mansfield Reading Room weekday deliveries

Please note that the deadline for ordering is 90 minutes before the next delivery.

If you request an item by Your item will be delivered at
8.30am 10.00am
10.30am 12.00 noon
12.00 noon 1.30pm
1.30pm 3.00pm
3.00pm 4.30pm
After 3pm 10.00am the following day except Saturday

Requesting items for Saturday

If you are requestings items from our collections for your visit on Saturday, plan ahead and order them before 4pm on Friday.

Requests made on Saturday won't be delivered until Monday.

Requesting items that aren't books

Items from the following collections will be supplied at times advised by staff at the time of ordering:

  • Drawings, paintings, and prints
  • Ephemera
  • Cartographic
  • Oral history
  • Rare books and fine printing