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We are a reference library — you can use collection items in our Reading Rooms but you can't take them home. You can print, copy and scan in the Reading Rooms. If you can't make it to the Library we can supply copies. Some costs may apply.

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Copyright and copies
Formats available for copies
Making copies when you are at the Library
Can't make it to the Library but need a copy
Free downloads
Digital images for publication or display
Sound and audio-visual recordings
Oral history interviews permission needed for copies
Filming at the Library

Copies of most items in our collections can be made or supplied, within the limitations of the Copyright Act 1994 and our copyright guidelines. We don't hold the copyright for many of the items in our collections.

Some items can't be copied, even if they are no longer in copyright. These include full oral history interviews and items that are likely to be damaged if copying is attempted.

Our copyright guidelines

Copyright Act 1994

New Zealand Intellectual Property Office

Formats available for copies

Copies can be made or supplied by the Library in the following formats:

  • photocopies of most items
  • digital copies of most items
  • printouts and digital files from microfilm and microfiche
  • microfilm copies
  • computer printouts from databases in the National Library General Collections
  • sound and audio-visual recordings (except complete oral history recordings)
  • filming of items (with permission).

Making copies when you are at the Library

If you are at the Library there are several ways you can make copies. We've listed them below.

Make copies with a digital camera

You are welcome to use your digital camera to take personal research copies of most collection items.

If photographing an item would damage it or breach copyright or other copying restrictions, we will help you find another way to use the item in your research.

National Library General collection — print, photocopy, scan

You may photocopy, print and scan items from the National Library General Collections. Photocopiers are available for your use in the Turnbull Library General Reading Room. You will need to buy a pre-paid card from us to be able to use the photocopier.

Pre-paid cards are available from the Kaiarahi at Te Ahumairangi, the ground floor, or Alexander Turnbull Library staff at the Reference Desk on Level 1.

The cards cost $10 and have $10 credit pre-loaded. You can top up your card at our self-service kiosks using EFTPOS, debit or credit cards.

To use the card for printing, photocopying or scanning you will need to enter the 5-digit code from your card when prompted on screen. If you are printing you will need to release the job at the photocopier by swiping your print card over the card reader.

Photocopying and printing are charged as follows:

  • A4 black and white — 20c
  • A3 black and white — 40c
  • A4 colour — $1
  • A3 colour — $2

There is no charge to scan documents.

Alexander Turnbull Library collection — print, photocopy

Alexander Turnbull Library collections are the Library’s preservation copies, because of this, you must ask staff to make copies for you using overhead copying equipment.

In the Katherine Mansfield Reading Room, you will need to ask a staff member to do any printing you need for you.

You can get prints or digital copies of your items. Allow 10-15 working days for copies to be sent to you.

Copies from microfilm and microfiche

You can use microfiche and microfilm printers to make printouts from items in these formats when you visit us.

You can also make digital copies of microfilm and microfiche and save them onto a USB flash drive at no charge.

Can't make it to the Library but need a copy

If you can't make it to the Library we have copying services you can use or you may be able to interloan an item from our collections.

Order photocopies through your local library

You can order photocopies through your local library using the interloan service. Talk to your local librarian about getting items from our collections.

Interloaning from our collections

Microfilm purchase

You can purchase microfilm copies of published and manuscript items in the Turnbull Library collections. Check collection item records to see what has been microfilmed.

Free downloads

We have a pool of digital items that you are welcome to share and adapt. These are freely downloaded items for commercial and non-commercial use as long as you:

  • note and briefly describe any derivation or alteration of the original, and
  • attribute the creator (if known), and
  • attribute the Alexander Turnbull Library as the source.

Please link to the item's page, or cite its reference number, as this will help future researchers.

Free downloads

Digital images for publication or display

You can purchase and reproduce material from the collections for publication or display.

Items are provided as a high-resolution download. A request to buy an image can take up to 10 working days to approve usage. The processing time will depend on copyright and how the image is going to be used.

Use the 'Order copy' button on the item webpage to start the process. Copies are supplied as JPEGs.

We can also supply digital images in other formats, on CD-R, or as inkjet prints upon request. Payment is required when you make an order, so check the price list for details.

Allow 10-15 working days for copies to be sent to you, and large or complex orders may take longer.

If you have any questions about ordering images, use the 'Ask a librarian' service.

Ask a Librarian

Costs for copy of digital items for publication or display

We charge $30 for high-resolution digital copies of most images, to recover the marginal costs of the work involved which includes:

  • staff time to retrieve
  • prepare
  • photograph, and
  • check rights for the item.

If you're planning to reproduce the image there may be additional fees. We won't invoice you for the copy of the image or any reproduction fees until we have been in touch with you.

Copying prices

Sound and audio-visual recordings

We can make digital copies of sound recordings in the Alexander Turnbull Library collections, except for oral history materials, but you must provide written permission from all copyright holder or holders.

If a sound recording is no longer in copyright, permission will not be required. Copies cost $50.

Request copies by using the 'Send an enquiry' button on the item's record page, or contact us through 'Ask a Librarian'.

Ask a Librarian

Oral history interviews permission needed for sound extracts

Prior permission is required to order audio excerpts from oral history interviews and other recordings held in the Oral History Centre for public use, including exhibitions, websites, broadcasts and lectures.

To seek permission please contact us through 'Ask a Librarian'.

Ask a Librarian

Filming at the Library

Film and television production crews should contact us in advance to make arrangements for filming in the National Library building. Some filming will require staff supervision.

Filming in the Reading Rooms during public opening hours is not permitted. Please contact us to arrange filming outside of these hours.

Hourly filming fees apply for the filming that requires staff supervision.

Ask a Librarian