Lunch with Bill Gavin [part 2] |c / by Michael Clark

Aug 2019
Clark, Michael, INNZNA

Continues lunch conversation with former racing journalist Bill Gavin from part 1. Talks about living in London and being the editor of Autocourse in the 1960s, and how he met his first wife Jane Dawson, who was modelling for the magazine. 1964 turned out to be a busy year - in addition to his editorial job, Bill got married, he was covering motor racing for Autoweek, and started writing features for the Sunday Times. In the same decade reveals he went on to work on a Formula One film with John Frankenheimer, and was writing the Jim Clark book and was still European editor for Car and Driver. Notes in 1967 he had a go at screenwriting for Frankenheimer and spent time off from editoring for a while in Tunisia. Notes his job as a feature writer for a new weekly called Speedworld International. Talks about how he ended up running a racing campaign for Scuderia Ferrari and based in Detroit. Returns to London in 1969 writing for Autosport. Recalls the impact of the death of his friend Bruce McLaren. Reveals he was burnt out from motor racing 1970 and through contacts ended up being a tour manager to the music band The New Seekers and The Sweet. Continues on to become director of distribution and marketing with a movie company. Returns home to New Zealand in the early 1990s to carry on working in films and writing.

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Includes illustrations, portraits; part 2 of a series

New Zealand classic car, Aug 2019; n.344:p.24-32; issn:
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