Lunch with Bill Gavin [part 1] / by Michael Clark

Jul 2019
Clark, Michael, INNZNA

Meets up with the former racing journalist who has had an eclectic career. Describes becoming 'obsessed' with motor racing after receiving tickets to the 1956 Grand Prix. Focuses on his life in covering motor racing from 1959 to 1963, beginning with the 1959 GP at Ardmore. Recounts his trip to Europe for the 1960 summer series and making friends with drivers. Discusses the tragic deaths and injuries of drivers during the F1 1960 Belgian GP and its effects on him and the driving fraternity. Describes becoming editor-in-chief at the British quarterly 'Autocourse', where he became known as 'WD Gavin', and the benefits of this role. Touches on the start of his freelance writing career in 1963 and living for a short time in Modena. Recalls travelling with racing friend Jim Clark, and writing his biography 'The Jim Clark story'.

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Includes illustrations, portraits; part 1 of a series

New Zealand classic car, Jul 2019; n.343:p.48-54; issn:
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