[Ephemera of quarto size relating to Maori. 1980-1983]




Chants for march [In Māori and English. 1980s]

Orakei Marae Trust Board. Orakei medal; to commemorate 600 years of Maori occupation of the Auckland area [1980s?]. Yellow flier / order form (2 copies)

People of Aotearoa; support Maori language; a language for all New Zealanders. [1980s?]

Social policy; a Maori perspective [Anonymous mimeographed 10-page statement]

Touch; a tactile experience of Maori sculpture. Programme [Brown flier. 1980s?]

Workers' Communist League. From Waitangi to Komanga-Rau-Tawhiri; support the struggle for Māori rights!! 1980s?]


Maranga mai; Maori music, drama. Fri 26 Sept 9.30 pm St Andrews, The Terrace; Sun 28 Sept, 12 pm, St Andrews, The Terrace; Mon 29 Sept, 7.30 pm, Newtown Comm Centre. Free. Photo Robin Morrison [1980]

An invitation to all MPs, Parliamentary staff and the Parliamentary Press Gallery to see "Maranga mai". Beehive Theatrette, 1 October 1980

Janet Roth. Racism is the issue! Auckland University Students Association. [1980]

Today's forum. Dun Mihaka [and] Dianne Prince. Cafe, Mon 30th June [1980]. Photocopy

Tu Tangata i te waru tekau; surviving in the 80s, presented by Liong and Faye. Wellington State Opera House, 26-28 June 1980. Programme

What do we want? Justice; When do we want it? Now. What have we got? Fuck all! [1980] (2 copies)


Centenary of the siege of Parihaka, November 5th 1881. Flier (2 copies)

Kahurangi; small treasures from New Zealand [1981]. Catalogue /green flier

Maori Artists and Writers Society. Festival of Contemporary Arts, 21-28 March 1981. programme

"Maranga mai", farewell performance. Maidment Theatre, 10 April [1981]. Flier

Mihaia; the prophet Rua Kenana and his community at Maungapohatu. Return showing. Rotorua Art Gallery, Government Gardens, 6-19 July 1981. Flier (2 copies)

Siege of Parihaka, 5 November 1881. Flier re display at Wesley Church Hall, Taranaki Street, 29 October 1981 (2 copies)

To all delegates: A statement on the attempt by white racists to divide Pacific Peoples [1981]

Turakina Maori Girls College. Help build hope for New Zealand's future. [1981]. Pamphlet

Women's Gallery, 26 Harris St., Wgton. Art by Maori women. 24 March - 18 April [1982]. Yellow flier (2 copies)


Dowse Art Museum. He taonga hoki te taonga; a treasure destined to return ... Nuku Tewha Tewha. 25 September [1982]. Card, plus drafts words to be spoken by the Mayor

Forum Bastion Point. Lounge & Smoking Room, Monday 12 July [1982]. Yellow flier

Joint Working Group on Bastion Point. Circular letter 12 February 1982

The Maori Trustee and the Maori Trust office; an information pamphlet on the services you can receive. Please take on [1982]

May 25; remember Bastion Point. May 25 1978 ... May 25 1982. Stop the subdivision [1982] (3 copies)

Pacific Peoples' Anti-Nuclear Action Committee. Te Reo oranga o te Moananui a Kiwa. 5 August 1982. Circular letter with budget figures

Suipport Te Reo Maori; Te Wa o Te Reo Maori; Maori Language Week [1982]. Flier

Takaparawha. Bastion Point Tent Town, Bulletin number 6

Taihoa Bastion Point. Stop the subdivision! Return the land to Ngati Whatua! Public meeting, Trade Union Centre, 159 Great North Road, 8 March [1982]. Yellow flier

You can help save Te Reo! [ca 1982?]. Yellow flier (2 copies)


A.C.O.R.D. Auckland Committee on Racism and Discrimination. The souvenir trade; debasing a culture (2 mimeographed pages)

ESR; Engineers For Social Responsibility. Film Festival Maori-Pakeha. M.W.D. Cinema, 1st Floor Vogel Building, 23 November - 7 December [1983]

Maori Publications. Publications produced and planned. 13 December 1983

Maori writers read. At the Depot. 21-23 October [1983]. Red flier

O le mau a Tagata Maori [historic account likening the Maori experience to that of Samoans under German Occupation. 1983]

Otaki Historical Society. History of the Tainui people, G J Dempsey, 5 December 1983. [History and map]

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Date: 1981 From: [Ephemera of quarto size relating to Maori. 1980-1983] Ref: Eph-B-MAORI-1981-01 Description: Programme booklet for the awards ceremony at Trillo's Downtown (Auckland), on 29 April 1981. Lists the six categories of awards and prizes, the personnel and...
Date: 1980 From: [Ephemera of quarto size relating to Maori. 1980-1983] By: Morrison, Robin, 1944-1993 Ref: Eph-B-MAORI-1980-01 Description: Photocopied poster, showing a photograph of Waitangi Treaty protesters, by Robin Morrison. The poster advertises "Maranga mai", saying that it "records the s...