Pacific assorted


Colour and black and white photographic prints, relating to various Pacific locations, dated circa 1960s to 1993.

Includes portraits of the artist Nicolai Michoutouchkine.

Also includes:

- "Old man, Poyes, New Caledonia"

- "New Caledonia coastline"

- "Drying coffee beans in upcountry village, New Caledonia"

- "Farmhouse upcountry, showing characteristic tin piecrust trimming on eaves, New Caledonia"

- "East Coast village, New Caledonia"

- "Mme Doumai cutting bananas (the chief's wife), Mouli, Loyalty Islands"

- "Chief's house at Couli, East Coast, New Caledonia"

- "Native woman making a path of shells"

- "Courtyard Hotel Banu, La Foa, East Coast"

- "Nicolai Michoutouchkine"

- "French children at Noumea airport"

- "The Square, Noumea, shaded with flame trees and coconut palms. Wine shop on corner one of Noumea's oldest buildings"

- "Side street in Noumea"

- "Poyes, East Coast, New Caledonia, not far from the hotel at Touho"

- "Nicolai Michoutouchkine unaware - just arriving in Noumea from Tahiti"

- "Street in Noumea leading to The Square"

- "Ruins of old prison hospital, Ile Nou, New Caledonia"

- "Old prison chapel, Ile Nou, New Caledonia"

- portraits of Exham Wichman, his wife, and "customers", Rarotonga

- portrait of "Bushra Javre, Noumea, S.P.C."

- "Palace King of Tonga"

- "Chief's house at Couli near La Foa, New Caledonia"

- "N[ew] C[aledonia] East Coast, propelling the punt"

- "Logging on Savai'i, W. Samoa"

- "Commandant Delin & Mme Delin with Anne-Marie in Noumea 1962"

- "Irene with her brother, We, Lifou, Loyalty Islands"

- "Hedda & in Vila"

- "Burton and friend, Tanna volcano, N.H."

- "John Springford, N.Z. observer (l.) and Sadaraka Sadaraka (r.) Cook Islands observer, South Pacific Conference, Noumea, 1969"

- "South Pacific Commission headquarters, Noumea, New Caledonia"

- "George Kalkoa, delegate to S.P.C. from the New Hebrides - chairman elect of 1972 South Pacific Conference"

- "Bringing produce to beach for loading on offshore vessel, Cook Islands" annotated "The Weekly News, Feb. 1958"

- "Paul Hansel & friend"

- "Melanesian farmer on East Coast, New Caledonia"

- "Wiles property, Bunya Rd, Eumundi"

- "Bridge over River Kwai"

- "Beach Vanuatu"

And a series of photographs of landscapes on Norfolk Island dated 1993.

Postcard depicting A. K. Maroro - captained by Stan Brown.

Title transcribed from original enclosure. Enclosure also annotated "scattered around flat".

Quantity: 57 b&w original photographic print(s). 30 colour original photographic print(s).

Physical Description: Colour and black and white photographic prints.

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Hancock, Kathleen Montagu, 1915-2004: Collection / Pacific islands
57 b&w original photographic print(s), 30 colour original photographic print(s), Photographs, Colour and black and white photographic prints.
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