Photographs showing store displays

1992, 1996, date unknown

A group of prints showing Kirkcaldie & Stains store displays taken by unidentified photographers in 1992, 1996, and at a date unknown. Also includes prints showing displays from overseas department stores.

Prints from envelope labelled 'Other Store Ideas' show: five polaroid photographs showing Kirkcaldie & Stains sale signs; three photographs taken in 1992 show other displays and the building exterior; Christmas displays, displays in overseas stores, and a flower show at Kirkcaldie & Stains in 1996. Some prints are annotated on reverse.

Prints from envelope labelled 'Floranza' show displays at the April 1996 Floranza flower show in Wellington.

Single print from envelope labelled 'H/H Linens' shows store interior in the Household Linens department.

Single print from envelope labelled 'GRN Floor Gifts' shows store interior in the Gifts department.

Prints from envelope labelled 'Handbags - Access' show displays for hats, shoes and bags.

Prints from envelope labelled 'UK - Harrods, Gap, G/Armani' show window and interior store displays of stores in London. Some prints are annotated on reverse.

Prints from envelope labelled '2nd Floor' show displays of home furnishings, china, and clocks. Some prints are collaged together with tape.

Quantity: 106 colour original photographic print(s).

Physical Description: Colour photographic prints.

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Kirkcaldie & Stains Ltd: Papers and records / Photographs of window displays and retail interiors
106 colour original photographic print(s), Dye coupler prints, Instant camera photographs, Colour photographic prints.
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