Aotearoa New Zealand Poetry Sound Archive

2002-2004 - 01 Aug 2002 - 31 Dec 2004
Aotearoa New Zealand Poetry Sound Archive

Comprises audio recordings of 171 New Zealand poets reading their work, as an archive of spoken poetry. Compiled by Jan Kemp, Jack Ross, Edmund King and Mark King between 2002 - 2004. Includes living poets as well as those no longer living but who were active in the last years of the twentieth century. The poets, or their literary executors, self-selected the 2043 poems in the anthology. Includes biographical and bibliographical information of the poets, and the texts of the poems. The 40 audio compact discs are arranged alphabetically

OHCD-2701: Fleur Adcock, Rob Allan, Julia Allen, Kenneth Owen Arvidson, Nick Ascroft, Donna Tusiata Avia

OHCD-2702: Stu Bagby, Cherie (Serie) Barford, Caroline Barnes, Jennifer Margaret Barrer

OHCD-2703: Helen Bascand, Jeanne Bernhardt, Claire Beynon, Graham Bishop

OHCD-2704: Peter Bland, Jenny Bornholdt, Erick Brenstrum, Diana Bridge

OHCD-2705: Bernard Brown, Diane Brown, James Brown, Alan Brunton

OHCD-2706: Owen Bullock, Alistair Te Ariki Campbell, Meg Campbell, John Caselberg, Tony Chad, David Chan

OHCD-2707: Jill Chan, Lynda Chanwai-Earle, Janet Charman, Geoff Cochrane

OHCD-2708: Kay McKenzie Cooke, James Moeroa Cummings, Allen Curnow

OHCD-2709: Wystan Curnow, Peter Dane, Lynn Davidson, Leigh Davis, Stephanie de Montalk

OHCD-2710: John Dickson, John Dolan, Lee Dowrick, Grant Duncan, Michael Eager

OHCD-2711: Lauris Edmond, Murray Edmond

OHCD-2712: David Eggleton, Riemke Ensing, Fiona Farrell

OHCD-2713: Glenda Fawkes, Sue Fitchett, Lindsay Forbes, Janet Frame

OHCD-2714: Robin Fry, Bernard Gadd, Kathleen Gallagher, Jane Gardner, John Geraets

OHCD-2715: Paula Green, Tony Green, David Gregory, Isabel Haarhaus, Bernadette Hall, Michael Harlow

OHCD-2716: Jeffrey Harpeng, Judith Haswell, Dinah Hawken

OHCD-2717: Ingrid Horrocks, David Howard, Sam Hunt

OHCD-2718: Jan Hutchison, Kevin Ireland, Elizabeth Isichei, Rob Jackaman

OHCD-2719: Anna Jackson, Michael Jackson, Helen Jacobs (Elaine Jakobsson), Adrienne Jansen

OHCD-2720: Mike Johnson, Tim Jones, Vivienne Joseph (Vivienne Merrill), Kapka Kassabova, Brigid Kelly

OHCD-2721: Jan Kemp, Scott Kendrick, Anne Kennedy, Julie Kennedy

OHCD-2722: Koenraad Kuiper, Michele Leggott, Julie Leibrich, Graham Lindsay, Terry Locke

OHCD-2723: Olivia Macassey, Carl Mair, Bill Manhire, Larry Matthews, Rachel McAlpine, Gary McCormick

OHCD-2724: Frankie McMillan, Judith McNeil, Heather McPherson, Cilla McQueen, Harvey McQueen, Gerald J Melling

OHCD-2725: Rosemary Menzies, Luke Milner, Michael Morrissey, Martha Morseth, Eric Mould

OHCD-2726: Emma Neale, John Newton, James Norcliffe, Gregory O'Brien, John O'Connor, David Ogle

OHCD-2727: Peter Olds, Michael O'Leary, Stephen Oliver, W H Oliver

OHCD-2728: Bob Orr, Vincent O'Sullivan, Alistair Paterson, Mark Pirie

OHCD-2729: Vivienne Plumb, Roma Potiki, Jenny Powell-Chalmers, Joanna Preston

OHCD-2730: Chris Price, John Pule, Sarah Quigley, Blair Reeve

OHCD-2731: Richard Reeve, Trevor Reeves, Helen Rickerby, Harry Ricketts, Ron Riddell, Lorraine Ritchie

OHCD-2732: Matthew Robertson, Jack Ross, L E Scott

OHCD-2733: Bill Sewell, Iain Sharp, Peb Simmons, Jane Mary Ramsay Simpson

OHCD-2734: Tracey Slaughter, Elizabeth Smither, Kendrick Smithyman, Barry Southam

OHCD-2735: Alex Staines, C K (Christian Karlson) Stead, Olwyn Stewart

OHCD-2736: Barbara Strang, Mike Subritzky, Robert Sullivan, Apirana Taylor

OHCD-2737: Denys Trussell, Brian Turner, Hone Tuwhare, Richard von Sturmer

OHCD-2738: Ian Wedde, Albert Wendt, Virginia Were, Tom Weston

OHCD-2739: Pat White, Wensley Willcox, Nick Williamson, Alison Wong

OHCD-2740: Briar Wood, Matthew David Wood, Sonja Yelich

Other - A full listing of the poets, their poems, biographies and bibliographic information is avilable online on the Aotearoa New Zealand Poetry Sound Archive blog

Recorded by - Elizabeth Alley, Nick Ascroft, David Howard, Jan Kemp, Richard Reeve, Morrin Rout

Venue - Arc Cafe Studio, Dunedin; Braeburn Studio, Wellington; Breaker Bay Records, Wellington; Divers Studios in Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and USA; Faculty of Arts, University of Otago; Going West Books and Writers Festival Archives, Waitakere; nzepc (New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre); Plains Radio FM, Christchurch; SCAPA (School of Creative and Performing Arts, University of Auckland); Vincent Geddes and the BBC World Service, Paparoa

Arrangement: Original recordings: OHCD-2701 - OHCD-2740

In July 2002, archive founder and director Jan Kemp approached Alan Smythe, Director of Auckland University's SCAPA (School of Creative and Performing Arts) to create an archive of spoken poetry. This followed their 1974 collaboration with Jonathan Lamb on Waiata Recordings' three-LP record albums 'New Zealand poets read their work' and 'New Zealand poets read their work for children'

From August 2002, poets were recorded in regional studios by Jan Kemp (Auckland), Elizabeth Alley (Wellington), David Howard with Morrin Rout (Christchurch) and Richard Reeve with Nick Ascroft (Dunedin). In 2003, Jack Ross, who later became co-director of the archive, was appointed to edit the texts of the poems for inclusion in the archive. Literary executors made available recordings by Alan Brunton, Allen Curnow, Lauris Edmond and Kendrick Smithyman

The archive was compiled and edited by Jan Kemp and Jack Ross with assistance from Edmund King (texts) and Mark King (audio)

Quantity: 40 compact disc(s) spoken poetry. 171 event(s) poets reading their own poems.

Finding Aids: Abstract Available - no abstract(s) available.

Portrait photos of the poets are included with many of the biographical information files

Search dates: 2002 - 2004

Public use requires the written permission of the copyright holders Copyright: Copyright will vary by poet and copyright holder
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40 compact disc(s) spoken poetry, 171 event(s) poets reading their own poems, Poetry readings (Sound recordings), Sound recordings, Illustration: Portrait photos of the poets are included with many of the biographical information files
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