Koro Dewes Collection of sound recordings, tape 63

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01 Jan 1970
Dewes, Te Kapunga Matemoana, 1930-2010

Contents: He waiata Tangi 'E pa to hau', he waiata aroha 'Taumarumaru' with explanations, reading from Te Wharekura Book 2 'Ka kimi a Maui i ona Mata', reading from Te Wharekura Book 2 'He korero mo whakaari". Koro Dewes, Victoria University of Wellington. Also recorded on RM104, Tape 101, OHT5-1521.

Venue - Victoria University of Wellington

Quantity: 1 5" reel(s).

Finding Aids: Abstract Available - other Catalogue of Recordings from the Koro Dewes Collection.

Public use of the collection requires the written permission of the donor Copyright: Copyright held by Mr Koro Dewes
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Kapunga Te Matemoana (Koro) Dewes collection of sound recordings
1 5" reel(s), Open reel audiotapes, Audiotapes, Brand: EMITAPE, Material: polyester (PET)
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