Interview with Joan Wood

Wood, Joan Myrtle, 1909-1990
Joan Wood (nee Walter) was born in England, grew up and was educated there and in South Africa. She moved to Australia where she met and married Fred Wood. Fred Wood was appointed to the chair in history at Victoria University in 1935. Along with Inge Smithells and Beatrice Beeby she co-founded the New Zealand Federation of Nursery Playcentres Associations Inc. Quantity: 1 C60 cassette(s). 1 interview(s). Finding Aids: Abstract Available - other background notes OHA-3854.
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1 C60 cassette(s), 1 interview(s), Oral histories
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From: Interviews with Joan and Fred Wood Description: Quantity: 1 C60 cassette(s). Physical Description: Physical Characteristics - gamma ferric oxide. Finding Aids: Abstract Available - no abstract(s) available.