Interview with Marjorie Edna Browne

1997, 9 Jun 1998 - 09 Jun 1998
Browne, Marjorie Edna, 1924-

This interview is in 2 parts - the first is a recorded piece from a speech given by Marj Browne in 1997 - the second part is an interview made in Hamilton.

Marjorie Edna Browne recalls being at school at the outbreak of World War II in 1939. Recalls being a Sunday School teacher, and beginning to grapple with the revolutionary nature of Christ's teaching in relation to social issues. Explains how the immediate family never fully recovered from father's experience during World War I. Backgrounds involvement with Pacificism. Describes how the church became divided as World War II progressed and the Methodist Bible Class Movement became a significant pacifist pressure group. Explains that in 1936 the CPS (Christian Pacifist Society) had been formed with a membership of 144, mainly Methodist. Refers to the leadership skills of Rev Ormond Burton and Arch Barrington who was secretary of the Bible Class Movement. Recalls that by 1939, with the outbreak of war, membership had grown to 428. Mentions Rev Allan Brash, a Presbyterian who became secretary of the World Council of Churches. Also refers to Archdeacon Young, an Anglican. Discusses prison and detention camp conditions for conscientious objectors and the tough struggle of their wives and children to survive. Talks about the Manpower Act. Describes Waikune prison situated just out of the National Park, with reference to superintendent, Jeremiah Quill.

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Date: 9 Jun 1998 - 09 Jun 1998 From: Conscientious objectors of World War II Ref: OHC-007790 Description: Interviewer(s) - Julian McCarthy Quantity: 1 C60 cassette(s). 1 Hours Duration. Physical Description: Physical Characteristics - gamma ferric oxide. Findi...
Date: 9 Jun 1998 From: Conscientious objectors of World War II Ref: OHA-2057 Description: Quantity: 1 printed abstract(s). 1 Hours Duration.