Interview with Father Terry Dibble

7 Sept 1989 - 07 Sep 1989
Dibble, Terence (Father), 1933-2011; Wishart, Megan Louise, 1966-

Terry Dibble talks about how his pastoral experience among Maori in Dargaville and his chaplaincy with the Young Christian Workers prompted him to join CARE. Discusses the involvement of the YCW with the 1970 tour protests and the reaction of the church hierarchies to this. Details his involvement with other organisations such as the Peace, Justice and Development Commission.

Discusses the role of personalities - Minto vs Muldoon; notes that the question of solidarity with Maori issues was not often explored and that violence during the protests only really happened during the last test, making mention of the King Cobra gang. Talks about the tactics during the National party conference, attempts to forestall calls for law and order, the focus on Gleneagles and the final effect of the tour.

Venue - Auckland

Interviewer(s) - Megan Wishart

Quantity: 1 C90 cassette(s). 50 Minutes Duration.

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Date: 7 Sept 1989 From: Springbok Tour 1981 interviews Ref: OHC-004173 Description: Interviewer(s) - Megan Wishart Arrangement: Tape sequence - 1 of 1 Quantity: 1 C90 cassette(s).