Programme 157 - The Flaming flax of Hauraki by Cliff Furniss

30 Aug 1966
A Story about farms hard-won from a great bog - a bog like a gigantic sponge, left behind when an ancient river changed its course and became the Waikato, emptying out into the Tasman Sea South of the Manukau Harbour on the West Coast, instead of the Hauraki Gulf. The great morass left behind sprawled twenty-odd miles across between the hills, and thirty miles inland nearly as far as Matamata. Little settlements grew up and each one had its flax-mill. Torehape was one of these communities and its flax mill connected with Piako River, six miles away, by a horse-tramway that carried the bales of flax fibre to the little steamers plying up the river from Auckland. Access Contact - see oral history librarian Venue - Wellington Interviewer(s) - Jim Henderson, presenter Venue - NZBC Studios, Wellington. Accompanying material - Script at MS-Papers-1239, folder 49 Arrangement: Tape numbers - OHT5-0139 Quantity: 1 5" reel(s). 1 event(s).
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Date: 30 Aug 1966 - 30 Oct 1966 From: Open Country Sound Recordings Description: Quantity: 1 5" reel(s). 10 Minutes Duration.