Kendrick Smithyman and Ruth Dallas reading poetry

19 Sep 1986
Dallas, Ruth, 1919-2008; Smithyman, William Kendrick, 1922-1995

Kendrick Smithyman and Ruth Dallas reading at a Stout Centre Literary Archive recording. They read from, 'Inheritance', Pauls Book Arcade, 1962:- 'Parable of two talents', 'Waikato railstop'. From 'Flying to Palmerston', Aup Loup', 1968, 'Vignettes of the Maori Wars', 'Gathering the Toheroa', 'Mr Moriarty and the ferry', 'Flying to Palmerston'. From 'Earthquake Weather', Aup Loup', 1972, 'Research project', 'Colville', 'Puriru Trees at Ti Point', 'An Ordinary day beyond Kaitaia'. Side 2:- From 'Seal in the dolphin pool', 'Tomarata'. From 'Dwarf with a billiard cue', Aup Loup', 1978, 'Alter Zhivago', 'Circus at the barber's shop', 'Dwarf with a billiard Cue', 'Mitching'. From 'Stories about wooden keyboards', Aup Loup, 1985, 'Dreams, responsibilities', 'Stories about wooden keyboards', 'The last Moriori', 'Mountain stop', 'Pivoting'.

Venue - Wellington

Recorded by - Ian Wedde

Venue - Wellington

Arrangement: Tape numbers - OHC-003479

Quantity: 1 C60 cassette(s). 1 event(s). 1 Hours Duration.

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Date: 19 Sep 1986 From: Stout Research Centre Oral Literary Archive Ref: OHC-003479 Description: Recorded by - Ian Wedde Arrangement: Tape sequence - 1 of 1 Quantity: 1 C60 cassette(s).