Mathematics and statistics in the middle years : evidence and practice / Edited by Robin Averill.

Mathematics and statistics in the middle years : evidence and practice / Edited by Robin Averill.
Averill, Robin, editor.
ISBN 9781927231487

"There is much to celebrate in mathematics and statistics education in Aotearoa New Zealand. The chapters in this book showcase some of our most exciting practice and research, and they are excellent examples of the work happening in New Zealand schools and teacher education. Each chapter is the result of teacher-teacher educator partnerships, and each includes students' and teachers' voices about teaching and learning mathematics and statistics. All chapters have material and ideas relevant to both primary and secondary school classrooms. The book straddles the middle school years to promote understanding of students' mathematics and statistics learning journeys as they make the primary-secondary school transition. Each chapter outlines research, resources, learning experiences and ideas related to a particular pedagogical focus and specific curriculum content. Ensuring we use the widest possible vision for ensuring equity in our work is vital for providing all students with the widest possible horizons. Towards this goal, the values of respect, developing leadership, community, and inclusion, and ways of capitalising on digital technology are threaded through the book, highlight teaching practices culturally responsive to the students we teach"--Back cover.


pt. 1. Getting to know one another as people and mathematics and statistics learners -- pt. 2. Drawing on meaningful relevant contexts -- pt. 3. Developing mathematical and statistical thinking.

Includes bibliographical references.

Wellington, New Zealand : NZCER Press, 2015.
xii, 317 pages :illustrations ;25 cm
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