Three novellas / Jennifer Barraclough.

Three novellas / Jennifer Barraclough.
Barraclough, Jennifer, author.
ISBN 9781505867459, ISBN 1505867452

Carmen's Roses: "Set in Devonport, Auckland, this novella is a story of mystery and romance which touches on deeper themes - interplay of body, mind and spirit, evidence for an afterlife, and the power of forgiveness. Blue Moon for Bombers: A Story of Love, War and Spirit"--Publisher information. Blue moon for bombers: "A novella set in England 2007 with flashbacks to the 1940s. The story of a man coming to terms with his wartime trauma as he nears the end of life is interwoven with a modern-day romance"--Publisher information. The Windflower Vibration: "Is the death of a man on an Auckland beach due to natural causes hastened by medical malpractice? Or is it one strand in a complex web of events spread over two hemispheres and two centuries? Georgina, whose life has seemed empty following the death of her husband, sets out to unravel these mysteries and by the end of her quest has found a new purpose"--Publisher information.


Carmen's Roses -- Blue moon for bombers -- The windflowed vibration.

Novella's first published separately in 2014.

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Online version: Three novellas

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Barraclough, Jennifer. Carmen's Roses., Barraclough, Jennifer. Blue moon for bombers., Barraclough, Jennifer. Windflowed vibration.

Other Titles
Carmen's Roses.; Blue moon for bombers.; Windflowed vibration.
[Auckland] : [Jennifer Barraclough], [2015]
303 pages ;23 cm
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