Fraser, Alice Janet Kemp, 1934-2004: Family papers

Fraser, Alice Janet Kemp, 1934-2004Fraser, Peter (Rt Hon), 1884-1950; Fraser, Janet, 1883-1945; Kemp, Harold John McLean, 1904-1989; Armstrong, Hubert Thomas, 1875-1942

Papers relating to the Fraser family, including Peter and Janet Fraser. Also to the Armstrong family, including Tim Armstrong.

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Alice Fraser was the daughter of Harold John McLean Kemp, granddaughter of Tim Armstrong and the step grandaughter of Peter Fraser.

Quantity: 18 folder(s). 3 volume(s). 0.21 Linear Metres.

Physical Description: Mss, typescripts and printed matter

Transfers: Collecton as a whole taken into Manuscripts. Transfers made from there. - To Drawings & Prints Collection - Original cartoon featuring David Lange, by Tom Scott given by Scott to Harold Kemp - To Photographic Archive - Family photographs, including photographs of Peter Fraser.

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18 folder(s), 3 volume(s), 0.21 Linear Metres, Family papers, Manuscripts, Personal correspondence, Mss, typescripts and printed matter
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Date: 4 Jan 1946 From: Fraser, Alice Janet Kemp, 1934-2004: Family papers Ref: fMS-Papers-11809-2 Description: Certificate contains `Grant of the Dignity of a Member of the Order of the Companions of Honour to the Right Honourable Peter Fraser'. It was issued in the n...
Date: 31 Dec 1916 Ref: MS-Papers-11809-03 Description: `Verbatim report of a speech delivered in Victoria Square at a public meeting, Sunday afternoon, December 32, 1916. The speech contains Armstrong's views on ...
Date: 1945-1949 From: Fraser, Alice Janet Kemp, 1934-2004: Family papers Ref: MS-Papers-11809-02 Description: Passport issued to Peter Fraser, 21 March 1950 and containing entries until 8 May 1949 Quantity: 1 folder(s) (1 piece). Physical Description: Printed matte...
Date: Nov-Dec 1942 Ref: MS-Papers-11809-05 Description: Newspaper cuttings relating to the death and funeral of Hugh Armstrong. Includes outline of the arrangements for his funeral and the order of service, 12 No...
Date: [199-] Ref: MS-Papers-11809-07 Description: `Janet Fraser', a brief biographical sketch and `Janet Fraser - making policy as well as tea', two essays by Hilary Stace Quantity: 1 folder(s). Physical D...
Date: [19--] From: Fraser, Alice Janet Kemp, 1934-2004: Family papers Ref: MS-Papers-11809-08 Description: Opening address given by Dr Martyn Finlay to an unidentified Labour Party conference giving his impressions of Peter Fraser gained as a Labour member of parl...
Date: 1950 Ref: MSX-9303 Description: Hurbert Thomas Armstrong: Miner, unionist, politician `A champion of the cause of the workers'. Being a thesis presented for the Master of Arts degree by Ber...
Date: 1944-1945 From: Fraser, Alice Janet Kemp, 1934-2004: Family papers Ref: MSX-9304 Description: `A collection of Field-Marshall Mongomery's personal messages to 21 Army Group, 6 June 1944 - 8 May 1945 (Printed by 21 Army Group). Includes inscription ` T...
Date: 1940-1989 Ref: MS-Papers-11809-12 Description: Includes note by Ward `Peter Fraser and New Zealand House in London; extract from `Footprints in time', by John Colville (1976), letter from National Trust o...
Date: [19-] From: Fraser, Alice Janet Kemp, 1934-2004: Family papers Ref: MS-Papers-11809-13 Description: Record of the service of Harold Kemp with the Union Steam Ship Company between 1926-1929 Quantity: 1 folder(s). Physical Description: Typescript