Photographs of, and relating to, the Topp Twins

[ca. 1975-2005]
McCullagh, Shona, active 1969-2005

Photographs of, and relating to, the Topp Twins, likely taken between 1975 and 2005, by a range of unidentified photographers. Includes informal snapshots and group portraits of friends, as well as photographs taken of the Topp Twins for publicity purposes.


-prints of the Twins, chiefly posed portraits. One snapshot shows them on stage in school uniforms, likely performing while students at Huntly College. Other snapshots show unidentified women with horses. Posed publicity portraits include a laminated b&w portrait print of the Twins in overalls taken by Shona McCullagh circa 1980s, and a large b&w print of Linda Topp and Lucy Lawless, circa late 1990s/early 2000s. Also includes posed portraits of the Twins taken outdoors in autumn, likely mid to late 1990s.

-a set of prints circa 1989 relating to the Twins and their Great New Zealand Gypsy Caravan tour. The images mainly show the exterior of the caravan/house-bus, and the tractor that towed it, but there are a couple of shots that show the interior and household items kept inside the caravan. Included in the set are two photographs of various caravans and the crowd at an unidentified fair.

-Prints relating to a portrait cube with images of the Twins as characters from the Topp Twins television series, taken circa 1996 - circa 2005. The artwork includes images of the Topp Twins dressed as the Gingham Sisters, Belle and Belle; as 'Ken and Ken' - Ken Moller and Ken Smythe; and as Camp Mother and Camp Leader.

Quantity: 33 colour original photographic print(s). 4 b&w original photographic print(s). 2 colour photo-mechanical print(s). 1 colour Polaroid instant camera print.

Physical Description: Dye coupler prints and Polaroid instant photographs

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33 colour original photographic print(s), 4 b&w original photographic print(s), 2 colour photo-mechanical print(s), 1 colour Polaroid instant camera print, Photographs, Dye coupler prints, Instant camera photographs, Dye coupler prints and Polaroid instant photographs
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