Barton, Shirley, d 1987: Further photographs relating to Shirley Barton and Rewi Alley

1948-1956, 1972-1973, 1977-1986
Alley, Rewi, 1897-1987; Barton, Shirley, -1987

Contains images relating to Rewi Alley's career in China, and Shirley Barton and her Chinese friends. The photographs were taken by Alley, Barton and others unknown, between 1948 and 1986. Many of the prints have annotations on the back giving dates and comments, some in Alley's handwriting; most annotations are in English and a few in Chinese.

One group of images relates to Barton's time in China during the 1940s-1950s era, including studio portraits of two Chinese people, a Shanghai street scene (1948), and a group portrait featuring Barton taken in Hong Kong.

Another set of six photographs was taken during the Chinese Classical Theatre's visit to New Zealand in 1956.

Many images show Rewi Alley in groups or by himself, sight-seeing, at beaches, formal functions and dinners, and with friends including George Hatem. They were taken in a mixture of urban and rural locations, including both exterior and interiors. Several images were taken on Hainan Island, including Alley walking with friends along a beach and visiting an unknown soldier's grave. Another image shows Alley at his 90th birthday celebrations in 1986. Six images show the rock paintings of Hua Mountain (Guangxi Zhuang province). Also photographs of Alley visiting construction sites.

Other photographs show children and village scenes in China (and one in Vietnam), some probably taken by Alley. Includes shots of ethnic Miao and Li children. Also two images of painted portraits of Alley, one by Deng Bangzhen and another in socialist realist style.

Other images include dinner parties and group portraits, some including Barton.

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Relationship complexity - For other photographs relating to Barton and Alley, see PAColl-7812

The contents suggest it was originally created by Shirley Barton. Shirley Barton worked with Rewi Alley in China and they helped establish the New Zealand-China Friendship Association

Quantity: 37 b&w original photographic print(s). 32 colour original photographic print(s). 3 colour copy photographic print(s). 1 b&w copy photographic print(s). 1 b&w original negative(s) 35mm frame.

Physical Description: Silver gelatin prints, dye coupler prints, polaroid print, film negative

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37 b&w original photographic print(s), 32 colour original photographic print(s), 3 colour copy photographic print(s), 1 b&w copy photographic print(s), 1 b&w original negative(s) 35mm frame, Photographs, Gelatin silver prints, Dye coupler prints, Instant camera photographs, Film negatives, Portraits, Group portraits, Landscape photographs, Silver gelatin prints, dye coupler prints, polaroid print, film negative
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