Various artists :[Australian bookplates commissioned by persons whose names begin with the letters C through to F, collected by David Graham. 19-- - 1950s].

1900 - 1960
Britton, Frederick Christian, 1889-1931; Craig, Sybil, 1901-1989; Davies, Lewis Roy, 1897-1979; Feint, Adrian, 1894-1971; Goodchild, John Charles, 1898-1980; Herbert, Harold Brocklebank, 1892-1945; Lindsay, Norman Alfred William, 1879-1969; Litchfield, Phillip M, active 1920s-1930s; Mahony, Francis William, 1905-1989; Mort, Eirene, 1879-1978?; O'Harris, Pixie, 1903-1991; Perrottet, George David, 1890-1971; Shirlow, John Alexander Thomas, 1869-1936; Sime, Sidney, 1867-1941; Thake, Eric Prentice Anchor, 1904-1982

Arranged in boxes alphabetically according to the name of the person for whom the plate was made.

Contains plates made for:


Iris de Cairos-Rego (possibly by R A Clive)

Harold Selwyn Capper

Mabel Gertrude Capper (name of artist illegible, possibly E Monk)

Carr (possibly Carr, former Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne)

Gwynnyth Cassidy (by Perrottet, possibly George D Perrottet)

Norman S H Catts (name of artist illegible, possibly Fred Brittain or Fred Britton)

Helen Chambers (by A F, possibly Adrian George Feint)

Miriam Chisholm (by Eirene Mort)

Addie C Clapp (name of artist illegible, possibly Hector MacDonald)

Clare Clinton (by Karna Birmingham)

R A Clive (by L E)

Anthony Patrick Clune (by Pixie O'Harris)

Francis Clune (2 bookplates, 1 by A F, possibly Adrian George Feint, the other by artist unknown, picturing several sailing ships and the anchor of Sirius in Macquarie Place, Sydney)

Terence Michael Clune (by Pixie O'Harris)

Thelma Clune (by Pixie O'Harris)

Margaret Coen (by Norman Lindsay, 1940)

Collingridge de Tourcey (possibly by S Kellner)

H R Conant (by Norman Lindsay, 1897)

A H Conybeare (name of artist illegible, possibly W Z Stehns)

James Cook (by Napier Waller)

M Linell Cook (by M E King, possibly Madeline E King)

David Frederick Cornell (by J C Goodchild, possibly John Charles Goodchild)

I E Cotton (name of the artist illegible, possibly F Mra de Norton)

R D Croll (by Crampton)

R H Croll (6 bookplates, 1 by Crampton, writing on back of bookplate refers to anthropology hobby of R H Croll and pictured on front is an aboriginal man with the words "Churinga knanja achilpa", 1 bookplate with the artist's name illegible, possibly Harting, 1 by Harold Herbert, 1 by Sybil Craig depicting an aboriginal artifact, 1 by Litchfield, possibly Phillip M Litchfield, 1 by Sidney Sime)

Robin Croll ( by John Smirlow, 1926)

Victor E Cromer (by Phillip M Litchfield, 1923)

Allen Cross (note on the back of bookplate reads "From Louis Politzer", though it is not made clear whether this is the artist or a donor)

William A Crowle (by P M Litchfield, possibly Phillip M Litchfield)

M J D (by Roy Davies)

Roy Davies (4 bookplates, 1 by Will F Mahony, 1 by Roy Davies himself, 2 by artists unknown, 1 of these depicting a man's face, a billy boiling on a campfire and the words "a dam nice cove")

Ernest Dawson (by R S, possibly Ruth Saunders)

Fred De La Mare (by artist unknown)

Phyllis De La Mare (by F De La Mare, possibly Fred De La Mare)

Hastings Deering (possibly by F Ward)

Dorothy Dennett (by Eric Thake, 1934)

Elerard Digby

Alice M Dobbie (by Phillip M Litchfield, 1926)

R S Dods (the bookplate records that "This book was given by R S Dods to the library of the School of Architecture at the University of Sydney, 1920")

Ella Dwyer (possibly by Eirene Mort)


Fred Z Eager (depicted is a heraldic shield flanked on 1 side by an American eagle and on the other by an Australian kangaroo)

Captain G W Eedy (bookplate includes several swastikas in the illustration)

J E Elkington (with the initial "N" for the artist)

Alison Ellis (by P N B, possibly Percy Neville Barnett)

Elizabeth and Ethan Ellis (by J W Jameson, 1933)

E M England (by Pixie O'Harris)

Enid (by A P R, possibly Alan Rigby, 1931

Everyman's Lending Library (by E S, possibly E I S or E L S, also included on bookplate is the Library's address at 332 Collins Street, Melbourne)

Harry Eyre (by Will Mahony, 1930)

Ethel Elizabeth Falkiner (name of the artist illegible, possibly E Bohf)

Colin Faris (by Will F Mahony)

Clifford Farr (by R D or possibly B D)

L Faulknor (depicting pirates or smugglers)

John Oliver Feetham (possibly by G N T Hope)

Adrian Feint (by Syd Miller. Features caricature, possibly of the bookplate's owner)

Field Naturalist's Club of Victoria

Norman Flegg (initials of the artist illegible, possibly T K P)

Ruth Ford (by Roy Davies)

Fred and Jack Foster (by C I Nicklin, 1932)

Aaron Francis

Benjamin N Fryer (by Phillip M Litchfield, 1926)

Quantity: 72 b&w art print(s) on bookplates..

Physical Description: Engravings, etchings

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The Graham Bookplate Collection; bookplates collected by David H Graham. [1500-1950s] / Various artists :[Australian bookplates collected by David H Graham].
72 b&w art print(s) on bookplates., Bookplates, Engravings, etchings
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